The send off

This won’t be a long post as I am exhausted from an all day drive thanks to accidents and idiot rubbernecking drivers (my boss included as we both drove past the same accident and he showed me the pictures he took)!

I am out for my first business trip of the new year minus the Steelheart.  MrsL and I discussed it yesterday and she agreed that one more full week of healing for the PA couldn’t hurt.  Additionally, there is a bit of a sore spot from her taking every opportunity to tease me. I am not sure how the sore spot came in to existence as she has varied grip, pressure, and speed while playing with the penis but it is there so a full week of no touching will help.

This morning just before we walked out to the garage to leave, she was taking me to the rental car place, she stopped me in the pantry for a little extra send off attention.  She pinned me against the door and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my slacks, and pushed slacks/underwear down around my ankles.  She knealt down and took my rapidly rising cock in her mouth.  She gave me the best blow job EVER….except…well I think you can figure out what didn’t happen!!

“I just want to give you something to keep you thinking about me all this week!  Now get dressed and let’s go!”

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