Kink Test

Thanks to The Vanilla Queen for writing about kinks.  I have known about my kinks for awhile but never really took the time to “test” them.  There is a link on her post for a test which I found rather interesting.

I took the test and have posted my results at the link below.  I am surprised and the just how accurate this test was, as it relates to me.  While I have mentioned some of the stronger kinks to MrsL before we have never really sat down and discussed all of them.  I know some are completely off limits except for fantasy.  Those include: having another play partner for her, her sharing/lending me out to someone (male or female), and age/animal play (not my thing at all).

The category brat; however, does really fit even though it not a strong percentage.  I am and always will be sarcastic, mouthy, brat and enjoy “picking on  you…playfully.” I got it from my paternal grandfather who used to always tell people if he wasn’t picking at you you knew he didn’t like you.  I adopted the same mentality and tell folks the same thing…if I am not picking on you I really don’t like you.  I guess that is true for most people because we have a level of comfort with our friends that allows us to be “bratty.”  For all of our dating and marriage I have been bratty.  MrsL is now starting to enjoy it because she gets to add my bratty actions to the weekly discipline list (which by the way gets relaunched tomorrow now that the house is empty again).

Over the years I have taken many of these personality test, like the infamous Meyers-Briggs, and depending on my job at the time have had differing results: I have tested at both an Introvert and Extrovert as well as a Perceiving and Judging but the middle two indicators have always been the same Sensing & Thinking.  So I guess if I take this same Kink Test in a few years it may change…don’t know…but for now it is just about spot on.

My Results

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