The desperation…

I truly believe MrsL has crossed some invisible line from “willing participant” in enforced orgasm control / male chastity to a truly in charge, self confident, Key Holder!

I won’t go in to details right now but we had a bit of a fight yesterday relating to our oldest son.  If you are new here, I will just say he is at home after 2 DUI’s and is recovering from a nasty addiction.  He has packed a lifetime of not so good experiences in to his 25 years.  She is a very protective Momma Bear and none of the girlfriends he has brought home have never been good enough and she never wants them around.  (I will write about all of this at a later time.)  So when we went to bed last night the make up activities were absolutely mind blowing.

After we both calmed down and went to dinner as a family we came home and had a family game night, since our youngest is heading back to college today.  We love playing cards so we sat up until after midnight playing, talking, and just enjoying being a family.  When we all finally retired to our rooms I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.  MrsL climbed on top of me and while showering me with kisses and nibbling on my ears said she wanted to make up for earlier and let her hand slide down to firmly grasp my rapidly stiffening cock.

After some luscious heavy petting, resulting in me being taken right to the edge of orgasm too many times,  she arched her back and had her first orgasm.  This particular orgasm was special because I was able to coax it out of her using nothing but fingers and the palm of my hand.  I have to remember exactly what I was doing because she loved it!  I was then pushed down her body to enjoy giving her three more very long, bury her face in the pillow to keep from waking up the boys, moaning orgasms.  I nearly had an orgasm just listening to her!!

When she finally pulled me up on the bed she told me to put my hands on the headboard and not move them and went right back to edging me.

I lost count of how many times she stopped at that exactly correct moment.  There were even two or three times when just resting her hand on top of my twitching penis was enough to create a near orgasm.  After what seemed like an eternity she began a slow steadily increasing stroking.  Needless to say, I was lost in the throes of too many near misses whimpering like a little puppy when I must have started begging for an orgasm. This is where I had a moment of clarity…

“I so love hearing the absolute desperation and frustration in your voice…it is so sexy…go ahead…”

 With that comment, she buried my overly sensitive penis in her mouth once to provide some lubrication then went right back to her frustratingly slow and steady stroking.  Just when I was ready to explode….she stopped.

Now it was my turn to stifle a moan…who am I kidding…it was a full on howl!  I let go of the headboard and pulled my pillow over my face grunting and huffing like a madman as cum drizzled out of me.

Just when I thought she was finished she started stroking again…! She coaxed two more spoiled orgasms out of me before she was done.  As she was diligently locating and feeding me every last drop of my cum she said:

“I like being able to have full access to tease you anytime I want….the desperation in your voice is so sexy!  Don’t get used to it though.  As soon as you are completely healed I want my Steelheart back in place.”

She kissed me and turned over for me to spoon in behind her.  Once I was in place, she reached back and gently gripped her now completely deflated cock, we both fell asleep happy and content.

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