Spoiled spectacularly 

We had the house to ourselves tonight for awhile. After Friday that will be more frequent again as the youngest heads back to college. 

I sent MrsL a text around 5:30 asking if she wanted a foot scrub and bubble bath and got back a 10 smiley face emoji reply so I started her bath water, lit the candles, turned down the lights and waited. I waited in my usual place, kneeling on a towel beside the tub naked. She was up and lowering her beautiful body into the tub within about five minutes.  

After the foot scrub and caressing her body with a soft loofa and shower gel she was ready for a little soak so I again waited in my usual position with towel at the ready.

After drying her off and escorting her to the bed for an all over lathering of lotion (a great excuse to give her a massage…not that I need an excuse) she rolled on to her stomach and spread her legs allowing me the pleasure of licking her cute little rosebud hole! It was glorious! After a few minutes of this she arched up and had me lay on the bed and lowered her wonderfully wet and tasty pussy on my mouth. As she was grinding I was licking resulting in several orgasms for her!!

When she was finished, she told me to lay down on the floor and asked if I was healed enough for her to play with her cock. I told her everything felt fine but would let her know if there was any discomfort. Between her mouth, fingers, and nails she edged me a dozen times…then…as she was increasing the tempo of her strokes stated “you better hurry up if you want an orgasm.” Wow.  All of a sudden I felt like a kid in a candy store not knowing what candy I wanted. 

As her pace increased I started grinding into her hand. As I was reaching lift off my penis must have given me away…right as I was about to explode she let go!!! The resulting spoiled orgasm was spectacular! Mentally, I knew there was cum trying to blast its way out of my groin…physically…there was no release, no euphoria, no sense of having an orgasm…just cum oozing out of my twitching penis. When I looked at MrsL she was laughing and said the “evil Queen had to make an appearance.”

I guess I must have slapped my arms on the floor and huffed a bit because she asked if I was going to throw a tantrum like a 3 year old and all I could do was laugh along with her. She scooped up the puddle of cum from the base of my cock and poured it in my mouth then said “now let’s go make dinner.” We both threw on some pj’s and went to the kitchen.

She has spoiled a few orgasms before but never like tonight. I just knew she was giving me a full orgasm based on what she said. I guess that is why she is the Princess, or in tonight’s case the Evil Queen!

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