Listen to your body…knucklehead

PA update: was let out of the Steelheart last night to find some swelling, irritation, and bruising but not from the stretched piercing!  The PA fixing wire was digging into the meaty part of the head of my penis and had somehow gotten trapped against the piercing by the bead of the CBR thus creating the issue.  

I had previously written about the error I made in ordering the tube for the Steelheart (not allowing for an inside diameter big enough to account for that little extra room needed for the PA wire) and somehow thought the larger PA jewelry would solve that problem. Crazy, right!

So, after sleeping through the night and waking up with no swelling, irritation, and greatly reduced bruising I decided to get back in the Steelheart minus the PA wire.  All was good until I went in to wake up MrsL and she decided to tease me a bit creating an attempted erection.  I just thought the stretched piercing was healed enough…wrong!  As the jewelry started pressing against the steel there was some discomfort so I had to take it right back off.  MrsL’s comment:

“Listen to your body, knucklehead!”

She assured me that orgasm control and denial are still in effect, locked or not.  

On the topic of PA stretching, I went about 2 years without wearing anything in the piercing.  I have read both of these comments online:

  1. A PA piercing will never close up so you can go for long periods of time without jewelry; and
  2. A PA piercing is unlike an earlobe piercing in that it will eventually close up if you don’t keep jewelry in the piercing

I can state emphatically that when I stopped wearing PA jewelry a couple of years back I had gauged up to an 8 gauge and had to start back with a 10 gauge (what I was pierced at originally).  It took several months to get the 8 back in this time.  I am not sure if I will have to repierce at a 6 or if ultimately it will stretch out?

Oh well, it appears I will be out a few more days to let this stretching heal up.

2 thoughts on “Listen to your body…knucklehead

  1. (On second read, I’m not really sure if we’re talking about the same issue but just in case we are, I’ll comment anyway!)

    We’ve also had issues before with PA attachments causing bruising and swelling, either from pulling on the PA or from slightly digging into his cock when he got hard. They’re usually resolved after a few days without the attachment, although that does mean less device security. I remember that the PA attachment for the Steelheart was particularly bad for Mr Kitty on longer lockups. The one we use at the moment (Lori) only causes problems if I don’t let him gradually get used to it by using the PA attachment for increasingly longer periods though, until he has ‘tempered’ to it. Maybe you could try something like that.


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