Trouble with the PA

So, I think I am going to have to ask MrsL for an extended break from the Steelheart and all sexual contact.  The PA I recently stretched from 8 gauge to 6 gauge is bugging me just a bit.  

When she finally ended the 51 days of orgasm denial she asked if I thought the stretching had ample time to heal and I believed so because it felt great.  I took out the CBR without issue, because she doesn’t like the feel of the metal inside her, and we were intimate for over an hour culminating in my orgasm, her two orgasms, and a satisfying dessert of salty sweet cum for me.  After a few minutes of cuddle time she dozed off and I got up to go put the CBR back in place.  Much to my surprise…the hole had shrunk!  I ultimately got the 8 gauge curved barbell back in place but things were very tender.  Monday morning after my shower I was able to get the 6 gauge CBR back in place with a little discomfort…like the day I got the piercing several years ago.

After a full 30 hours back in the Steelheart the discomfort is still there and I don’t want to lose the PA.  When I put the 6 gauge in 2 1/2 weeks ago it went in with no discomfort.  Maybe I should have let the milestone keep increasing?  Either way, I know MrsL will understand.  

Since I have had my PA for about 9 years at a 10 gauge…maybe I took it too fast going from 10 to 6…just under 10 months time.  However, I never forced anything so I am not sure what is going on now.

7 thoughts on “Trouble with the PA

  1. I had this happen going to 0g. I had to back off – I’ve found that usual heal time on a stretch is 30-45 days, but going to 0 – the 2 was in for nearly 3 months. What works for me is not having to force or even really stretch much at all on a new size – if that’s not the case, or if you still feel the really stretchy-tight feeling after a couple of hours, it might be too soon, so I back off and let it rest.

    The other thing to consider is that your steelheart will control the natural stretching, so you may require more time to stretch for a new size. This is because the ring isn’t pulling on it as it would be if you were cage-less. It just make take longer.

    The big thing, IMHO, is to let it do the work. I’ve seen people use tapers and other things to get it moving along, but I think they’re asking for trouble. Sure, you may have to snug in a size-up, but it should be “close” so that it’s not uncomfortable, just a snug fit for a couple of hours.

    The other thing you could try is in for an hour a day (larger size) and out the rest of the time – perhaps over a week or so.

    A final thought is that 10 is a high (low?) enough gauge that it might be more susceptible to shrinking. I haven’t seen that issue (getting smaller) since about 4g. So I think it’s just a matter of where you are in the process and finding a way to let it do the work for you to get where you want to be.

    Ping me on twitter if I can help!


  2. I started at a 6 a year ago and am at a 2 now without any issues from the stretching, but, I also have times of tenderness, especially when not locked, just based on how the ring/barbell sits in my pants or if I happen to catch it on a zipper when taking it out for restroom visits. When I wore the Steelheart, I found that sometimes I would be more sore than others because the pa fixing wire had just sat up against the hole and that irritated it. With the Steelwerks, the PA is locked on the underside outside the tube and doesn’t move at all, which I have found to actually provide the most “protection”.

    All this to say, grab some Aquaphor and wait a day or two.

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      1. Upon further review….the PA wire was the issue! When I go back through my own blog I noted my lack of allowing for the extra inside diameter needed for the tube to wear the PA wire. So not only was it digging into the head creating pressure it had also got in between the bead of the CBR and the piercing creating irritation.

        I am now on an extended “health and wellness” break from the Steelheart and once completely healed the PA wire will never be used again.

        I guess I am going to have to use some of my bonus money on March to visit Chris in Canada??

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