Milestone reached…


After 51 days, MrsL finally gave me an orgasm last night but not before edging me a dozen times and threatening to spoil the orgasm all together if I didn’t control myself.  The fireworks that went off through my body after nearly an hour of being teased and edged were spectacular.  It was hot! It was erotic! And best of all, it was fantastically INTIMATE!!!  After my orgasm, I gave her two very strong long lasting orgasms while abiding by the new (well not new but will always be enforced for 2016) rule…licking her wonderful pussy clean of my cum.  That rule applies anytime I am allowed an orgasm.  She even promised last night she was going to let me cum on her feet and lick them clean…but didn’t say when.

The night didn’t come without an issue, though.  I could not get the 6 gauge PA jewelry back in right away.  I had to settle on putting the 8 gauge back in for the remainder of the night.  I was finally able to, with a bit of discomfort, get the 6 gauge CBR back in this morning.  I guess my body will have ample time to adapt to the new size now?

I am still unlocked but fully expect the order to get back in the Steelheart will come as soon as she gets out of bed….?

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