2015…A Summary

So last night was the end of 2015 and I guess I need to post s year end review…well…here goes.

I learned a few things this year after committing to surrender my sexual satisfaction to the lovely MrsL: 

  1. Sex is more than the act itself. There is so much more intimacy in just being together, holding hands, talking, and being interlaced together naked in bed. The act is the culmination of all of the above.
  2. Having ones penis encased in steel, lock, and key is empowering. What a dichotomy to write that down. Previous attempts at chastity were all about me. Giving up control and not being able to touch or feel the penis has given me the freedom to be a better husband. I may be oversimplifying this point but that is how it feels to me.
  3. A happy Wife is a Fantastic Keyholder. That speaks for itself. MrsL is happy and had discovered her sexual confidence and enjoys keeping me fully charged.
  4. New milestones can be fun and challenging. Up until two nights ago I didn’t think I was ready to have an orgasm. It had been 47 days at that point and as I was about to tell MrsL that I wasn’t ready she started teasing me and took me to over a dozen near orgasms. I am not sure where this new milestone will end but the challenge is wonderful!

2016 is already shaping up to be a fabulous year. MrsL kept her promise of “fireworks” last night and fucked me until I was seeing stars…and the best part…we both enjoyed it immensely! She even brought out the largest dildo we own, one which I never thought I would enjoy, and introduced it to me. Some might consider 8″ small but the sensation it gave me was incredible! She promised to use anal sex for me as a reward this year…one that I will gladly accept!!! 

I am still out of the Steelheart and have been edged close to 30 times in the past 48 hours.  She seems to be thoroughly enjoying playing with her penis! As for me, I am glad to report I haven’t been tempted once to touch it! That is the real year end news so worth writing about!!!

Happy New Year!!

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