Remedial training…

Last night was a scheduled maintenance night for cleaning and shaving.  MrsL had indicated during her last learning to count lesson that she would be removing, shaving, cleaning, and replacing the Steelheart herself for awhile so when we went upstairs I was pleasantly surprised at what happened. I went to prepare the bed by pulling … More Remedial training…

The light touch

Earlier this week, Domina Jen wrote a stunningly brilliant post about some time she spent with one of her boys. What I enjoyed about the post was her description of overwhelming his senses with a gentle (my word) touch.  The “gentle” touch is one of MrsL’s favorite ways of tormenting me as well. MrsL is … More The light touch


No salacious accounts of MrsL and I from last night…sorry.  This is a simple post to explain how the simple things are, usually, always the best. MrsL had a very busy day yesterday.  When our day finally ended on the couch, I helped her take off her boots and massaged her feet while we watched … More Simplicity

True to her word

As if I had any reason not to believe MrsL about going back to lesson one, MrsL very emphatically reinforced the fact that she is charge yesterday morning.  She has gone back to lesson one, “missed opportunities” several times yesterday. After the fun of Friday evening we had a great time Saturday as well.  The … More True to her word