Back to normal…

Okay, the title is a bit misleading.  When I say back to normal I am referring to being back at home.  As for our trip back home for the holidays…that is best left for another post.  Suffice it to say I am glad to be back home.

As of right now, MrsL has not put me back in the Steelheart.  We have surpassed the last milestone of 42 days with no orgasms for me and are rapidly approaching 50.  MrsL has started asking me each day, which I think is a tease in and of itself, how long it has been and makes it a point to reference that number as many times as possible throughout the day.  Then, we went to bed last night!!

After kissing and some heavy petting, MrsL went in to full on attack mode with the teasing.  She must have took me to the edge of an orgasm a dozen times in several different ways.  Her new favorite method of teasing me, well at least last night, is using two fingers and a thumb lightly grasping just behind the head and softly stroking…only moving her fingers millimeters back and forth.  It is the most amazingly frustrating sensation I have ever felt! She massaged my balls while chewing on my nipples. She would take my rigid penis deep in her throat and let her tongue flick the PA ring or swirl back and forth around the base. She would stroke me hard and fast….each time brilliantly stopping just as the pressure in my groin was building.  Her breathing would rise and fall with mine as she took me to the brink of each explosion then she would simply lay on my chest for a minute or so then begin all over again.

Toward the end, she started telling me just how much fun it would be to end nearly 50 days of pent up sexual tension with a spoiled orgasm. She went on to deliciously describe taking me to the edge and watching as my cock oozed out an orgasm with absolutely no sensation…which nearly caused it to happen.  It was maddening because right before she started all of this I was about to tell her I didn’t think I was ready to cum….boy was I wrong!!!  Thankfully, when she asked me (in the midst of another near orgasm) if I wanted a spoiled orgasm or wanted to wait I was able to get out the word “wait” in between gasping for air trying not to cum!

When she had finally finished teasing me…I rolled on top kissing  her wildly and massaging her clit between my fingers all the while thanking her between each kiss for being an awesome Wife/Keyholder. I told her how honored I was that she took control of my orgasms…how they were hers to give when/where/how she wanted…how honored I was to pour all of my sexual energy in to her…!  She placed a hand on each shoulder and pushed me down her body until my mouth was over her pussy.  She had the strongest orgasm I believe she has ever had within seconds of my tongue beginning to dance around her clit.  After three more orgasms for her we snuggled up to each other and fell asleep.  Oh, but not before I asked her to be pegged today.  She allows me to ask for things and will give them to me when she is ready.  Before she fell asleep she told me that I needed to wear my butt plug all day if I wanted some New Year’s Eve fireworks….needless to say…it is in now!!

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