Earlier this week during one of our SnapChat sexting sessions in the family room I let MrsL know how close we were to a new milestone in orgasm control. As discussed many times, we have discovered that neither of us like setting a date. We haven’t tried points, games, or other measures to set a release date after my birthday. However; I am still a guy who likes setting goals and achieving them. 

When MrsL came to bed last night she “tested” my bodies reaction to her touch. She informed me that the first sign that I was not as sensitive to her touch it would tell her I needed to be locked up again. Well, having not had any type of release, other than constant leaking, in 40 days now my body is hypersensitive everywhere! As she was driving me crazy lightly dragging fingernails all over my body, except the uncaged penis and balls, she asked me how many more days to the new milestone. She simply affirmed hearing what I told her: 3 more days is the new milestone. All of a sudden I could see her counting with her fingers. 

“Well, if I wanted to really expand your horizons I can certainly wait until the new year.”

My heart raced at the suggestion and she took full advantage by placing my mouth on her pussy for her own satisfaction! We fell asleep completely intertwined a few minutes after she had her desires sated!

This morning when I went in to wake her up she picked back up on her questioning.

“How important to you is reaching a new milestone?” I was speechless as my mind and penis had an internal argument:

mind: “very important I am really not missing having orgasms…”

penis: “not important at all…please let me cum now!!!”

This inner debate raged for several seconds before all I could say was a whispered “please.”

“Please what, reaching a new milestone?”

“Yes, Princess if that is okay with you.”

“Absolutely, as a matter of fact to make it more enjoyable I will wait with you. I am off limits until either my hand or mouth touches my cock.”

All of the begging in the world to please not make herself off limits went by the wayside. 

“I guess your Christmas presents” emphasis on the plural presents, “will have to wait until sometime after Christmas. You will pack the Steelheart just in case I want you wrapped up before then but for now you can stay out.”

She then spent the next 10 minutes rubbing and caressing my entire body telling me how she would enjoy teasing me by not touching or playing with her toys. “You have to imagine what it is going to feel like when I finally decide we have reached the new milestone.” 

As she was repositioning, her forearm grazed by the tent in my sweats. 

“Oh, it is awake. I wasn’t expecting it to be awake. I guess I need to stop.”  She got up and walked away leaving me standing there.

When she came back to the bed after grabbing some pj’s, I grabbed her kissing her gently and told her how Thankful I was that she was my Wife and KH! 

I am excited about reaching a new milestone. I am even more ramped up by her making herself off limits. I have a sneaky suspicion that the teasing is going to build over the next several days until when THE time comes (pun intended) I will, in her words, “need to be laying down to keep from collapsing.”

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