Back in September I wrote about the simplicity and erotic power of touch.  It was a great night then and has become even more wonderful as this year progresses.

Once again last night we found ourselves going to bed at the same time. This is a rare occurrence as she is quite the night owl but after snoozing through the first half of MNF I was awake.  I think we went upstairs around midnight.  She was a bit upset due to an argument with our oldest son…he can be the most petty/selfish person I know (that is a post by itself someday)…so my goal was to simply make her relax and feel good again.  After my bedtime hygeine routine I found her laying naked on her stomach on top of the covers, which instantly sent a surge of blood to the steel encased penis.  I crawled in beside her and curled up to her, entertwining our bodies, and began gently caressing her back.  After a few minutes, I could sense her muscles relaxing fully and I whispered in her ear how incredibly beautiful and sexy she is and how her naked body drove me crazy.  She rolled over allowing me to lay across her breast then began dragging her freshly manicured fingernails up and down my back sending wave after wave of erotic energy through my entire body.  The energy she was giving me was so intense I lost focus on touching her and simply lay there and enjoyed being her pet for a few minutes.

When she realized I was absolutely mesmerized by her touch she asked me why I had stopped which caused a stuttering reply from me something to the effect of: “your magic touch…”.  That was all I needed to regain my focus on her.  I began a full body kiss starting at the tips of her toes working my way up through her vagina up to her breast.  I licked up each side of her abdomen then up one breast stopping just short of her erect nipple…blowing a quick cool  breath of air on the nipple then repeated on the other side.  She was arching her body trying to get my tongue on her nipples…it was great!  I kissesd up her neck to the area behind her ear (which is the most erotic spot on her body) and whispered a question:  “would you like a long, slow, building orgasm?”  A simple nod of the head was all I needed.

For the 30-45 minutes; I nibbled, licked, and sucked her labia and clitoris occasionally diving my tongue deep inside her pussy.  As promised, I slowly built the tension in her muscles stopping and starting when I thought she was close until she was finally so ready to explode that she grabbed a handful of hair in each hand.  With total control of my face, she said keep licking and started grinding her wet juicy honey hole on my face.  Her orgasm was massive!  Her clit pulsed and twitched in my mouth for a long time before she collapsed on the bed.  Since she was so horny, I started a rapid flicking of her clit with my tongue sending her over the edge a second time.  After letting her catch her breath for a couple of minutes I dove back in to give her a third orgasm in a short period of time.  The third one was stronger and lasted longer than the first two put together.  As I was lapping up her erotic juices she took a foot and pushed me away.  “Get in bed….I’m done!”

We curled up together, again legs intertwined, and chatted for a few minutes.  I told her that being entangled in her naked body was my happy and safe place.  She just purred and fell asleep.

I am enthralled with just how something so simple as being naked and just touching her can be so damn erotic!  Who says a guy has to have a physical orgasm to be sexually satisfied?

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