A little praise

If you follow me on Twitter  you saw my tweets last night about MrsL and I, well more MrsL, were having some fun on the couch watching football.  I had told her earlier in the day that I was very horny and wanted to be inside her.  She had quizzed me on if I just wanted to be inside her or to have an orgasm and my honest answer was to just be inside her. So she decided to tease me all day culminating in a SnapChat sexting session while she rubbed the Steelheart with her feet.  It drove me absolutely batty!  When she finally came to bed we just cuddled and fell asleep.

This morning, when I went in to wake her up things got very hot….very fast!  After sucking and nibbling on her feet she rolled over in the middle of the bed and I crawled back in beside her.  We kissed and groped for quite awhile before I got up to reposition us both to her favorite spot…that is when she told me to fetch her key.  She unlocked me and the tube popped off immediately.  She told me to take out the PA piercing and take off the base ring.  The PA came out without a hitch; however, the stiff erection I had made it impossible to get the ring off.  She stroked and massaged my rigid cock for several minutes as I nibbled on her breast.  I whispered to her how bad I wanted to bury myself deep inside her…her reply…

“Well climb aboard.” 

Wow, being inside her wonderful wet tight pussy was incredible.  I had not heard the magic phrase concerning an orgasm so I paced myself trying deparately to not overrev my engine.  At one point I was simply laying on her with my rod buried deep inside her as she was flexing every muscle in her groin…which nearly caused an unauthorized release…but was wonderfully enchanting.  When I began a slow rhythmic grind I thought for sure she would let me finish….WRONG!  As I pulled out to calm things down, whispering no, no, no (at least I thought I was whispering) she took both hands, placed them on my chest, and while pushing me off of her told me to STOP! 

“I can’t let you have everything at one time now can I?”  

I rolled over and on to the floor and finished her off with my tongue and the Body Wand vibrator.  She nearly came off of the bed her orgasm was so strong!

When we finally both moved, I asked if I could go ahead and shave/clean the Steelhart to which she agreed and left me in the shower.  After successfully gauging up the PA to a 6 ga I showered, shaved, and put everything back on (including the PA fixing as the larger ring does not move as much inside the tube) and went down with the key in the cylinder for her to lock me up again.  

“I wasn’t going to make you put it back on but since you did we will leave it on for awhile.”

“Princess, you didn’t say to not put it on and since I am not in charge of making those decisions I did what I promised.”

She smiled and acknowledged my loyalty with a kiss and fondle of my balls.  I love making her happy!

We are once again watching football and sexting on SnapChat.  She told me how proud she was of me for my self control this morning as her foot was glancing back and forth over the Steelheart under my sweats.  That is all I need to know.  I am happier now as a chaste hubby than I was for the last 5 years of our marriage!

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