Muggle life gets in the way

It has been really “vanilla” around here for the past couple of days.  Between MrsL busy closing out her sales year to both boys being home to the current “girlfriend of the month” for my oldest son hanging out late at night; MrsL and I have had very little play time… đŸ˜¦ !  Don’t get me wrong, she is still in full on teasing mode and is keeping me all jacked up with little touches and comments but that’s been it for the past two or three days.

Tuesday I had a video call pop in on my calendar and I really didn’t think much about it at first.  When I went downstairs for lunch and saw MrsL it hit me that I would have to go through a metal detector at our facility where the video conference equipment is installed.  MrsL told me the look on my face when I said “oh crap, I have to go to the distribution center tomorrow” was priceless.  She smiled and replied “that sure does sond like a personal problem doesn’t it?”  My youngest was in the kitchen and asked “what is a personal problem?”  A little deflection, something about not having my car and having to borrow his Mom’s, seemed to quell his curiousity.  

So, I got up and showered yesterday with the Steelheart still locked in place.  The video call wasn’t until late in the afternoon so I didn’t want to wake MrsL up at 6:30 to ask if she would be gracious and let me have a breakaway for the afternoon…that would not have gone over well! When I went in to give her a wake up massage around 10ish, I asked about the possibility of getting out for a few hours.  After a few more minutes of her back rub she agreed…with the caveat I am to be locked back up within 15 minutes of walking back in the house.  As she was leaving the room after unlocking and removing the tube, I asked her how we were going to handle traveling to family next week.  She stopped in her tracks, looked over her shoulder, and very curtly:

“I will tell you how when the time comes.  If you ask me again before I tell you…” evil smile “you won’t like the outcome. Now don’t make me regret letting you out right now!”  With that she left the room.

Needless to say, I agreed and was back inside locked steel within 10 minutes of my return.  I will not bring up next weeks travel again!!  

Last night, everyone in the family, the girlfriend, and one of the oldest son’s friends from work came over to watch the season finale of Survivor.  I truly detest “reality” tv so with MrsL’s persmission excused myself upstairs to watch the debut of the new SyFy show The Expanse.  I fell asleep so it must not be that good but I will try again when I am not so tired.  

When I woke up in the recliner and decided to go to bed, I was a bit agitated with all of the distractions to our playtime and knew that was not a good place to be in my head so I sent MrsL a text telling her I was grumpy and asked to be put in time out before going to bed.  She agreed and gave me 20 minutes and insisted on getting the photographic proof via SnapChat, which surprised me.  Once I was properly naked and hanging in the closet I sent the required photo and got back her she devil emoji.  The 20 minutes in the absolute darkness of my closet was, despite the burning in my calves and pain in my nipples, was remarkably calming.  So much so; that, for the first time in months I did not wake up when she came to bed.  I woke up due to a raging nocturnal erection around 4 to find her beautiful naked body laying on top of the covers.  After calming down the erection, I snuggled in beside her and she woke up enough to reach back and stroke my balls a couple of times before we both fell asleep.

Hopefully; we can find some time to get away from the muggle life, if only for a few minutes, sometime soon!

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