Sexual confidence

This morning was special and thrilling!

I have always wanted MrsL to be more in control in the bedroom and she continues down that path. This morning was a huge leap forward. 

I woke he up with gentle kisses all over her breast and nipples. We kissed and cuddled for a long while; her enjoying exploring my body to find the ever elusive “hot spot de’jour” and me nuzzling her neck and ears making her purr like a content tigress! When I moved to standing on the edge of the bed and started kissing down her stomach, intent on giving her a massively explosive orgsm, she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my face back to hers.

As my face came even with hers, the free hand slid up my rib cage to one side of my throat while the hand pulling me up slid down my head to the other side of my throat. For a little background, it took her a long time to feel comfortable with even a little breath control and once she figured out how to do it safely she brings it out for special circumstances. As she sank both hands deep into the correct placement and began to squeeze, I felt that wonderful calming sensation that only comes from proper breath control:

“I didn’t say you could go down there did I?”

All I could do was shake my head creating even more pressure drawing me ever so close to the abyss before pulling away. Our agreement is that once she begins breath control I am to pull away when I feel I am too close and she instantly lets go. I collapsed on her chest as oxygen flooded my lungs and the Steelheart was visicously containing a burgeoning erection. 

As I moved to kiss her, she grabbed my left arm and planted my hand on her wet pussy. “You can do this…only this.” 

We kissed and made out for a few more minutes and each time I tried caressing her with both hands she would take my left hand and put it back where she wanted it. 
Her sexual confidence is intoxicating!

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