Learning to count…lesson three

Once again last night, I found myself secured to our bed for another lesson in counting, with an evil MrsL twist at the end.  Needless to say, as my Key Holder she gets to make all the decisions about orgasms.

The evening started with take out from our favorite Asian restaurant.  We have all been busy the past two days and no one has felt like cooking so take out was the call.  The oldest son was at work and as I mentioned earlier this week the youngest is now home through January 8th.  I thought finding playtime when our boys were little was a challenge…it is interesting when you have two grown children in the house!  Oh, well.

MrsL and I engaged in some fun sexting while we sat through some recorded shows with the youngest son before he finally headed off to bed around 10:30.  I was feeling a bit out of sorts, almost ignored, then I realized my horny carnal brain was the problem!  In my head, I had expectations and had to quash them.  So, once our son went upstairs, I slid down to the floor and gave MrsL’s feet some special chaste cyclist attention.  I always enjoy watching her face as I nibble on her toes…it adds fuel to my desire to please her and calmed the savage beast in my head last night.  I have also discovered that she really enjoys having me bite her arches.  She has high arches and each one forms to my mouth as if they were fitted by an orthodontist….super fun.

As I was enjoying her right foot she took her left foot propping it under my chin gently pulling my gaze up to hers.

“Go upstairs, prepare the bed, shave your face, and let me know when you are done.”

With that she pulled her knees up to her chest taking away access to her feet and smiled as I got up and walked away.  As I rounded the couch she reached out to grab my crotch and grinned when she found the Steelheart already trapping an erection.

Once my tasks were complete, my naked body laying on the bed with the restraints placed on each corner, I sent her a SnapChat picture of my splayed body with the message “per your request, Princess.”

She left me laying there for a few minutes before finally coming up to have her way with me.  After securing me to the bed she asked if I knew what lesson we were on tonight.  “Three” was my enthusiastic reply.

“You’re right.  But since I am in charge…I have changed it up just a bit with a little twist. I am going to enjoy this…I hope you are…”

She checked the restraints before going to her jewelry box for her key.  Prior to coming to the bed she detoured in to the closet for one of the many different clamping hangers used for time out.  She decided on one that has insidious little teeth inside the clamp and is ever so slightly too wide.  Applying that hanger requires the first nipple to be placed in its jaws then gently pushing it outward enough so the other nipple can be bitten by the other jaw.  The biting of the teeth coupled with the outward pressure on each nipple is exotic and puts me in a sub space almost instantly.

The tube for the Steelheart instantly popped out of the base ring when she removed the lock.  However, with an erection already building it didn’t want to come off of the shaft.  She lay there and giggled as she licked around the exposed shaft and said

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if I didn’t get to suck on my lollipop tonight since the wrapper doesn’t want to come off?  I am not taking it off so you better figure out how to get it completely unwrapped…”

Being stretched out taut to the corners of the bed with MrsL laying between my legs resting her arms across them made it a challenge to move.  Any motion I made had the dual effect of causing the hanger on my nipples to flop back and forth like a light switch being turned on/off making it a painful challenge…but a challenge I completed.  When the tube finally flopped off MrsL laughed and informed me how much fun that had been to watch.

With one hand wrapped around my balls and the other holding on to the hook of the hanger, MrsL began slowly licking up the length of my hard cock.  After letting her tongue flick and play with the curved barbell in my PA she buried her face on her “lollipop” and swirled her tongue back and forth on the shaft as she pulled back up.  On the third time she repeated this little maneuver, I felt the eddies of an orgasm begin to roll in to my groin.  Wave after wave of sensation  crashed from my nipples down through my body to the depths of my groin, like waves crashing on the beach, and then….

MrsL stopped!

“You do not have permission to cum.  If you cum tonight without permission, you will go right back to lesson 1, no amount of debating, begging or whining will work…and you will not get your Christmas present until well after New Year’s! Understand.”

“Uh…huh. But I thought lesson three included a spoiled orgasm, Princess.”

“I told you there was a twist. The night is not over but it will be if you keep talking.”

She reached up and told me to open my mouth.  She took the hook for the hanger and placed it in my mouth and instructed me to hold it in my teeth.

“That should keep you quiet.  When I tell you to, you will pull back on the hanger.  Am I clear?”

A grunted yes was all I could muster.

“Let’s see if you were listening.  Pull….don’t stop pulling until I say so.”

I leaned my head back as far as possible.  The beauty of the hangers she has found for time out is that they don’t pull off so no matter how long I hang in the closet or how hard I pulled right then those little teeth do not let go.

As I was pulling, she began stroking my throbbing cock.  Once again, the waves of an orgasm began building…rather rapidly…and MrsL deftly guided me right to the breakwater…then stopped.

I tried thrusting in to the air to get some feeling which elicited a laugh from MrsL.  “What if I place my hand right here…”

She gently wrapped her hand around the head of my pulsing member and I quickly realized if I thrust up…just a little…the waves continued building.  Of course, the movement of my thrusting was causing my head to move as well making my nipples pay the price for the potential of a spoiled orgasm but I didn’t care.  As the final big wave began to build, MrsL’s hand disappeared leaving me thrusting air.  “Oh, too bad…my hand got tired…sorry!” she said with a deliciously evil giggle.

After a few minutes of her admiring her work, my nipples were released from the jaws of the hanger then MrsL grabbed the vibrator.  Placing it on my ass, she rolled the power from slow to high all the while licking and sucking on my engorged cock.  Just as I thought she was going to let the waves come crashing home….she stopped everything…again!  Laying there between my legs watching my helpless cock bounce and twitch with me pulling on the restraints with all I had to get out she asked me to look up.  With a grin as wide as Texas on her face:

“Ready for the twist?  Strike three…! You’re out” pregnant pause “well in this case you’re back in…” 

She hopped up with the tube in her hand heading for the bathroom.  After cleaning the tube she arrived back at the bed and promptly encased her cock back in its steel home but not before ensuring any and all precum was properly consumed by me.  After releasing me she lay down and waited for me to put everything away and put the covers back on the bed.  As I crawled in bed beside her she informed me she never promised a spoiled orgasm with lesson three that it was only a possibility.  She went on to say that there would be many more lessons and a final exam all of which may or may not come with an orgasm, spoiled or otherwise.  I whimpered a bit and said thank you for an awesome evening and told her she was an awesome Key Holder.  For the first time ever telling her that instead of sheepishly saying thank you, she replied:

“I know.”  

At this point my hand had drifted down to her beach.  She was wonderfully wet.  I was treated with being allowed to lap up her wetness and giving her multiple orgasms.  We fell asleep naked and spooning.  I have such a great teacher!



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