Remedial training…

Last night was a scheduled maintenance night for cleaning and shaving.  MrsL had indicated during her last learning to count lesson that she would be removing, shaving, cleaning, and replacing the Steelheart herself for awhile so when we went upstairs I was pleasantly surprised at what happened.

I went to prepare the bed by pulling out the restraints.  She quickly informed me that tonight she was going to supervise me as I shaved.  (NOTE: her last attempt at shaving me resulted in razor burn and irritation so she has been hesitant to do it again. Tongiht she wanted to watch me).  With her cute little evil smile beaming:

“I am still going to make this fun for me…”

I was unlocked and stood in the tub in front of her watchful eye while I shaved.  Very erotic!! She told me that for every time she thought I was paying too much attention to the penis or balls I would get 20 lashes with the leather strap.  I am glad to report I did not receive a spanking and she never had to warn me. 🙂

“You have that down to an art, don’t you…” was all she said as she took the towel and dried everything off.  “I didn’t say you could touch it other than to shave so hands behind your back.”

She took her time inspecting and drying creating quite the erection.  “Remember lesson two my Love.”

“Yes, Princess”.  As I was thoroughly cleaning the Steelheart she was busy running her fingers all over my body.  Definitely made it difficult to focus!!!

For the next half hour she made a game out of getting the Steelheart back in place.  First she stroked me to the edge of an orgasm then set back and handed me the base ring and instructed me to only put the balls through.  Next, holding teh base ring in place by squeezing my balls, she sucked me to the edge of orgasm then got up to leave the bathroom with the tube/lock and told me to come see her when the base ring was in place. 

After waiting for the erection to subside enough to get the ring in place I walked out to find her laying across the bed.  She pointed the floor in front of her and I went and stood where she pointed.  Our bed is on risers so her face was perfectly placed for what she wanted to do.  MrsL sucked, nibbled, fondled, and stroked my cock and balls to 4 more near orgasms…counting each one.  After number 4:

“You do remember that double trouble means I can double anything I want…right?”

“Yes, Princess.” I moaned trying to regain my composure.

“What is 4 doubled…?” laughing.


“Well, at least you know your multiplication.  We won’t be going to 8…put this on.”  handing me the tube.

Luckily MrsL’s phone rang and she answered which let things start calming down.  It still took a minute or two to get the penis inside the tube.  Once I did, she slid the brass tumbler in place and rotated it to the locked position.  Oh, she did all this while talking to her Mom about our upcoming trip home for Christmas.  She got up and made it a point to ensure she gave me a show as she walked out of the room.  Since the son and his  friends were about to be back home I threw on some loungewear and followed her down.  When I sat down, she immediately put her feet in my lap for her nightly massage.

When she came to bed, we kissed for a long time then she told me she was ready for her body to shake with pleasure!  I gave her 4 great orgasms.  

So, now I am anxiously awaiting my next lesson on counting.  I know what it is and know it will be maddeningly frustrating…but that is okay! I am not sure when the lesson will happen because our house will be back at full capacity starting today.  Our youngest gets home from the fall semester later today. Getting alone time is going to be challenging for the next 3 to 4 weeks.  

It is so much fun for both or us right now.  She is even more beautiful as she continues growing in her sexual confidence.  Giving MrsL complete and total control of when/if I have an orgasm has tapped a new level of sexual fulfillment for me. 

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