The light touch

Earlier this week, Domina Jen wrote a stunningly brilliant post about some time she spent with one of her boys. What I enjoyed about the post was her description of overwhelming his senses with a gentle (my word) touch.  The “gentle” touch is one of MrsL’s favorite ways of tormenting me as well.

MrsL is developing quite the appetite for making my body ache from exquisite use of clamps, ropes, leather straps, and all of the other toys in her toy box.  However, she has rightfully noted that I respond equally as pleasureable to her when she uses nothing but her mouth, hands, and feet gently all over my body.  Last night was one of those nights.  It is as if she had read Jen’s post…although…I know she hasn’t.

We went to bed at the same time last night and she immediately laid down with her head on my chest and a leg draped over both of mine. Throughout the evening, she ran her feet up and down my legs ever so gently.  While her feet were keeping me focused she started gently caressing my chest with her fingertips.  Her fingers would run across my chest then up underneath my neck.  She had me put my arms above my head and told me to leave them resting against the headboard freeing up my entire upper body to her wonderful touch. As she was running a single finger down my left arm…she found one of those spots…a part of my body that when touched…sends chills throughout my entire body.

By the time her hand reached my armpit I was already highly energized then she followed the curve of my arm and ran her fingers from my back, up over my ribcage, and across my nipple.  It was gentle and ever so feather light and by the time it was over I thought I was going to have an orgasm.  The meandering trace of her finger down my arm to using all five fingers on my back through to my chest only lasted 10-15 seconds but the impact it had on me, and MrsL, will last forever.

“Are you just being overly ticklish or did you feel that somewhere else?” she whispered in my ear.

“I felt that everywhere, Princess…”

As she traced a finger down the centerline of my chest stopping just before touching the Steelheart then started gently scratching back and forth across the bare skin above my croth:

“It is a good thing my locked up cock can feel what I am doing up here because my hand will not go anywhere near your balls tonight.”  She sighed heavily as her hand went back to underneath my rib cage and repeated the path that had me shuddering moments earlier.

She spent the next hour or so continuing to explore my body finding other areas that caused the same reaction and found two others:  the back of my legs just above the crease of my knee (more so on the right leg) and the back of my neck just below the hairline.  Once she would find an area she would exploit it for several minutes before setting out to find a new area.

By the time she kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight I felt like I had ridden 100 miles on my bike: exhausted but completely satisfied.    After the simplicity of the night before, being her canvas for teasing was wonderful.  When I asked if I could pleasure her she informed me:

“I have already had my pleasure tonight…I Love You…Goodnight.”

We fell asleep in the same position as the night before, naked, legs intertwined and my arm wrapped around her body.

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