No salacious accounts of MrsL and I from last night…sorry.  This is a simple post to explain how the simple things are, usually, always the best.

MrsL had a very busy day yesterday.  When our day finally ended on the couch, I helped her take off her boots and massaged her feet while we watched the exciting end to Monday Night Football.  The simplicity of her bare feet resting on my legs while I massaged them was the best part of the day.

When we finally went to bed, I could tell she was very tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep.  I kissed her gently then snuggled in against her.  We lay there naked, skin to skin, with our legs entertwined.  My arm was wrapped around her body with her holding my hand.  This is how we drifted off to sleep. Simple. Elegant. Wonderfully sexy!

Waking up next to my wonderful bride of 26+ years, her nakedness on full display, is indeed the most SIMPLE of pleasures.  Gently waking her up by caressing her body is a SIMPLE pleasure.  Putting her key charm necklace around her neck and kissing the back of her neck…SIMPLE PLEASURE!!!

We should always stop and appreciate the simple things!!

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