True to her word

As if I had any reason not to believe MrsL about going back to lesson one, MrsL very emphatically reinforced the fact that she is charge yesterday morning.  She has gone back to lesson one, “missed opportunities” several times yesterday.

After the fun of Friday evening we had a great time Saturday as well.  The house was empty again so I suggested we get caught up on discipline.  She instructed me to bring her the leather strap then get ready.  After delivering her strap to her I proceeded to the garage, stripped from the waist down, and leaned over the hood of her car.  When she walked out she asked me if I wanted to know how many lashes I was going to get or if I wanted to count them.  I whimpered, “neither, Princess” and after gently rubbing the leather in circles on each cheek she began.  Up until this point, MrsL has never gone beyond 20 lashes.  Well, I don’t know how far past 20 we went.  All I know is I had wet eyes and still have several, albeit fading, welts on my ass.  Since this was a “catch up” session I can only hope to not be in that situation; however, after what she said later that night I may be in for more of those sessions.

Around 1 a.m. we both went up to bed.  It was a good thing the house was still empty.  I caressed and massaged her body for half an hour most of that time kneeling on all fours on the bed beside her.  Occasionally, she would reach down and rub my aching ass.  When she was ready, she took my head and guided me down her body to her pussy.  I worked her to three of the biggest, longest, and loudest orgasms she has ever had…ever!  I was completely sexually frustrated and satisfied at the same time.  I don’t know how to truly explain that feeling to someone who is not in chastity but it is a wonderfully erotic feeling.

As she was laying on my chest playing with the still trapped erection inside the Steelheart she made the following pronouncement:

“If those are the kind of orgasms I can look forward to I will have to spank you like I did earlier more often.”  

“Princess, you can do whatever you want whenever you want.  I would be honored to have my ass red and welted at your hands.”

We fell asleep holding hands…awesome!

Sunday morning, the remedial training for lesson one began.  She again allowed me to give her one orgasm. This time I stopped at one and knealt at her feet.  When she sat up and went to her jewelry box to retrieve the key I was shocked.  Silly me…I should know better.  As she sat on the bed, putting her mouth right at my nipples and her hands even with the Steelheart she begin chewing on my nipples.  I was instantly getting hard so she inserted the key in the lock and left it there with a cute little “maybe…”

She continued, now biting, on my nipples all the while caressing my balls.  

After a few minutes of this exquisitely painful play, “Just so you know I am true to my word as your keholder…this is a number one.”  With that she took the key out of the lock, forcibly pushed me away from her, and walked away.   

There were 3 more of these little burst remedial training sessions yesterday before she said she is ready to move back to lesson 2. 

I am one lucky locked up husband!!

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