Learning to count…lesson two

A couple of months back, I wrote about how MrsL was developing in to an awesome key holder.  Well, last night during lesson two of learning to count I found out just how much more she has evolved….and I like it (who the hell am I kidding….I LOVE IT!)

Yesterday was a full on CFNM day.  When she leaned over to kiss me at my desk as she was leaving to take the son to campus she informed me he had a ride home and she would be back within the hour AND as soon as the garage door went down I was to be completely naked.  She even instructed me to send her a SnapChat to be opened once the son got out of the car.  Since those are time stamped she would know exactly when I sent it.

MrsL brought back lunch since the son’s first class isn’t until 11 on Friday’s and after lunch she asked for my phone. I immediately knew I was going to time out but didn’t know why.  When she handed my phone back to me with the counter showing 20 minutes I think my eyes must have popped out of their sockets.  I have been in there for 18 minutes and that is, in a word, stressful.

“It took you two minutes to send me the SnapChat after I put the garage door down…so you get 10 minutes of time out for each minute I had to wait on my verification.  Oh, I want you to figure out how to send me a SnapChat once you are hanging in the closet. GO!”

That was the longest 20 minutes and yes she did get her SnapChat!

After the son got home and finally went to work MrsL and I had some dinner and couch time that ultimately ended with me on the floor worshiping her feet.  As I would be nibbling, sucking, and biting on one foot she was taking the other and using it in very creative ways: stroking my cheek/neck, using her toes to tweak a nipple, and playing with my exposed balls.  I was completely lost in pleasing her when she pushed me away and said:  “It is time for lesson two in learning to count. Go run my bath.”

She got a nice luxurious bubble bath complete with me shaving her from the waist down to her feet (which I truly enjoy) and a great foot scrub.  She ordered me to take a shower while she lounged in the tub watching, Steelheart still on! After the privilege of drying her and lathering a thick creamy warm sugar and vanilla scented body lotion all over her she got up and ordered me to lay down on the bed.  In no time I was cinched tightly to the bed my entire body her play toy.

“Oh, just so you don’t have to wonder these restraints are not coming off until I can lock you back in the Steelheart.”

What…she has never done that was the thought bouncing in my head but not for long.

“Tonight’s lesson in counting is the number 2.  Tell me again what does the number 1 mean?”

“Missed opportunity, Princess.”

“That’s right.  Number 2 means double trouble.  Everything I do to you tonight will be doubled…and for you that means trouble…” She giggled as she said this making my body ache with anticipation.

She teased and tickled me for several minutes, stopped, got her key and put it in my left hand…

“Hold this for me…but don’t you dare use it…” laughing…”Oh, that’s right you can’t use it…you’re all tied down…”

True to double trouble, she teased and tickled me for several more minutes then she took her key and unlocked the Steelheart.  The tube immediately popped off and the real fun started after, asking me to hold her key again.

She leaned over me:  “The thing I like the most about lollipops is I get to suck and lick them…are you going to be my lollipop right now?”

She straddled my face forbidding me from letting my mouth get anywhere near her pussy even though she would grind it on my face all the while sucking, squeezing, and stroking me to the edge of orgasm twice.  The base ring was still on keeping me rigid the entire time.  She then turned around and loosened the restraints enough that she could prop my head up so I could watch her.

“You get to watch…isn’t that what turns guys on watching?  Oh, and if you don’t hold back or accidentally don’t tell me you are too close it will be another month before we get to lesson 3!”

With that she began sucking and stroking me again.  Each time she knew I was getting close she took great pleasure in telling me that she was enjoying me humping the air trying to get feeling when she stopped.  This went on for a total of 4 trips to the edge.

“Double trouble means I get to double whatever I want…just like edging you 2 times first now 4 times…see that is how counting works!”

As I lay there, in sexual overdrive wanting to cum so bad it hurt, she got up and sauntered in to the bathroom.  I saw that she had the tube for the Steelheart with her and heard water running.  My mind was racing with the possibilities: was she getting it ice cold…making it hot…or just letting the water run?

She exited the bathroom with a deliciously evil grin on her face:

“Time to lock back up. Lesson two is over.”  She walked over, leaned in, kissed me…

“Tell me again, what is number one?”

“Missed opportunity, Princess.”

“And number 2?”

“Double trouble, Princess.”

“Great.  I want you to know what lesson three is so you can be studying for it (giggle).  Lesson three in learning to count is lesson 2 with the addition of spoiling (her word for ruining) each orgasm.  I fully expect you to give me at least three spoiled orgasms during that lesson, understood?”

I could feel my eyes widen and my heart racing….”Yes, Princess”

Fortunately, the racing heart didn’t translate in to an attempted erection because MrsL moved down to my crotch and had me locked back in the Steelheart in seconds.  It was as if she had been locking me in herself this entire time. As she walked around the bed releasing each arm/leg I was treated with the following:

“See, now that I know I can take it off and put it back on without hurting you….I don’t think there is ever a need for you to have to do it ever again….just remember though…when it comes off, at least for now, you will be tied to the bed so you can’t touch my cock….oh…and I will take care of shaving you for awhile as well…!”

After I was fully untethered she climbed on top of me and kissed me madly all the while stroking my balls creating a trapped erection.

“I had to test it out to make sure it was on right and wasn’t going to come off when my cock got hard.”

At this point, I was begging to give her AN orgasm (emphasis added…I think you know where this is going) and she said yes.  She was laying on her stomach at the time so I started at her beautiful rosebud ass…creating the most luscious moans and groans from her as my tongue flicked around and dove in to her hole. She finally rolled over and I lost myself in her scent, taste, and warmth and didn’t stop until she had 3 strong orgasms.

I stayed on the floor kneeling at her feet until she sat up and motioned for me to stand up.

“Do you want the good news or bad news first?”

“What…there is bad news…then bad news first, please.”

“You can’t count…you failed your test!  How many orgasms did you ask to give me?”

“I asked to make your body shake with AN”  I felt the blood run out of my face.

“That’s right” she reinforced “AN orgasm is 1 not three.  The good news is they were awesome and I am still pulsing inside.  The bad news is you have to go all the way back to lesson one for another missed opportunity, then another lesson two double trouble, before I will even consider going on to lesson three.”

“But Princess, you didn’t stop me at one…”

“Oh, so I have to count for you…is that what you are saying.”

“No Princess, I can count.”  Then I said this “Not fair…you can’t do that…make me go back to one…”

She pointed to the floor and I knelt down.  She put a finger under my chin pulling my eyes to hers.

“I can do whatever I want…isn’t that the point of me being your key holder.”

“Yes, Princess…I am sorry….you can do whatever you want.”

She pulled me back to my feet and gently slapped my balls a few times.  “It is time for bed.”

She laid down and I covered her up before crawling in beside her.  I snuggled in with my Steelheart nestled against her butt.

“I Love Being your Key Holder” she said as she drifted off to sleep.  Remarkably, I fell asleep almost as soon as she did and slept through the night.  If I had any night time erections I slept right through them.

I would say we are at a new place in our enforced chastity lifestyle.  A place that is both wonderfully erotic and scary as hell!

Now, to get back through lessons 1 and 2 again….!

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