Learning to count…lesson one

Yesterday really sucked, not for the reasons you suspect, because of a persistent dull headache.  I have had it now for about three days making just about everything I do a chore.  Today is day 4.  I am sure it is something my chiropractor can fix…I just haven’t called to make an appointment yet.  But I digress! 

MrsL was gone all day yesterday.  After taking our son to campus she had to deliver product from the sales show I helped her with before Thanksgiving.  Then I got a text from the son when she picked him up tetlling me they were going to see The Hunger Games moive at 1:00 so they didn’t get home until nearly 4:30 pm.  They brought home an early dinner, from Qudoba, and after watching the mid season finale of How to Get Away With Murder, he disappeared to his room to study for his exam today.  We sat on the couch with her feet in my lap getting a massage for most of the evening.  She would elevate a foot up to my face every few minutes for some special attention, which I was more than glad to give, before she finally had to get up to go to her office for something.  I laid back in the recliner and turned on the game then woke up an hour later at halftime and MrsL sent me off to bed.

A massive trapped erection woke me up around 11:30.  I lay there wondering what MrsL was doing and as I was about to get up and go find her I heard her coming up the stairs. She walked in, undressed, and climbed in bed giddy that her Packers had come back to win the game. I snuggled in beside her and began gently caressing her breast eliciting very pleasurable moans from her.  She informed me that what I was doing always felt good but in the past few weeks it had been much more pleasurable.  As a matter of fact, she told me that she was close to an orgasm at that moment and didn’t want me to quit.  Of course, I listened and continued gently stroking, rubbing, and tweaking her breast/nipples until her breathing deepend and she let out a long wonderfully erotic moan and her body shook.  “That was incredible” was all she said.  Needless to say, I was horny as hell.  

We had been spooning during this so she rolled over and started running her fingers up and down my body causing me to shudder at her touch.  She continued this finger work ultimately circling a finger around the base ring of the Steelheart.  She then went down and sucked on my balls and let her tongue flcik the little bit of the penis turtling out of the end of the Steelheart.  I was going crazy so she moved back up putting her face directly in front of mine…and even in the dark I could see that wonderfully evil smile. As she continued stroking my aching balls she began… 

“Just imagine me getting out of bed, walking over to my jewlery box, and getting the emergency key.  Imagine me unlocking the Steelheart and removing the tube but leaving the ring  on…” deep breath… “then imagine me stroking my cock to be as rigid as a flagpole then climbing on top of you and guiding my stiff cock inside my warm wet pussy…” another deep breath…”then imagine me riding my stiff cock until I say you have permission to cum and you explode deep inside me….” Then she paused.

My cock was straining against the steel to the point I thought something was going to break….

As she continued playing with my balls:

“Now lesson one in learning to count.  The new definition of one for you is MISSED OPPORTUNITY.” She rolled off of me, turned over taking my arm with her, and began sucking on my thumb.

In between sucking on my thumb came this little burst of verbal teasing:

“Just think…if you could count….this thumb….could be my hard cock….in my mouth…being sucked on…right now…So, what does number one mean to you?”

I paused for a second:

“Missed opportunity, Princess.”

“Good Boy!  We will continue teaching you how to count tomorrow night.  Good night my love.”

She fell asleep with me rubbing her back.  I had to go get a cold wash cloth to calm things down before I could go to sleep.  I am not sure I want to know what the next lesson will be….WHO AM I KIDDING….?  I can’t wait!! 

I have never been so happily frustrated in my life!

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