A brief role reversal….

Last night we had the house to ourselves.  Our son spent the night at his girlfriend’s house which gave MrsL and I some free time.  

We sat and watched television together while I gave MrsL a foot massage.  I think both of us fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes and she must have woke up before I did because she was watching one of her regular daytime soaps on DVR.  (NOTE: I will watch anything with MrsL except those soaps…simply horrible tv).  She said she had about 20 minutes left and it was okay for me to go to bed and she would be right up.  I went up and got ready for bed.  About 25 minutes later; MrsL came up and gave me a nice little show undressing then climbed in bed.  That is when things got interesting and fun!

After  a few minutes of her favorite activity, an all over gentle massage, she rolled over and pulled me in for a wonderfully erotic kiss.  She reached up and placed her hands on the headboard which triggered an old feeling…I wanted to tie her to the bed and have my way with her!  After a few more minutes of kissing and nibbling on her neck/ears, I gently whispered in her ear:  “May I please tie you to the bed…” and got an immediate “YES!”  Needless to say the Steelheart became much more crowded and very uncomfortable but that was okay.

We keep the straps/cuffs under the mattress so I kissed down/up the length of each arm/leg prior to putting the cuff on and cinching it tight (making sure they were not too tight) making her a beautiful spead eagle on the bed.  I spent the next few minutes enjoying her entire naked restrained body.  I nibbled on her toes then kissed/licked up through her groin, stopping briefly to gently chew on her engorged clitoris, before licking up to a fully erect nipple.  I repeated this on each leg and made it last longer on the second leg. The Steelheart was biting and pinching like crazy and I was oozing precum like a leaky faucet.  I would rub the end of the tube on her toes, stomach, and nipples and clean it off.  I finally kissed up the length of her body and whispered in her ear: “I wonder how many orgasms I can work you into in this position?”

“No more than three” she replied and I just laughed and replied “We will see…”

I moved back down her body kissing all the way down to her pussy, which was very wet and tasty, and set about working her toward orgasms.  She moaned and writhed on the bed, as much as the restraints would let her, and in short order had a very strong orgasm…then something triggered in my head again! 

All of a sudden, I didn’t like the fact that she was restrained.  It was just like on her birthday.  She said I could give her a birthday spanking but 3 or 4 swats in I couldn’t do it…IT WAS NOT RIGHT FOR ME!  For a short time, I was okay with her being restrained last night and then I wasn’t…can’t explain it.

I removed the cuffs and moved into her favorite position…me kneeling by the bed with her laying on the edge.  This gives me access to use my hands on her breast and nipples while my lips/tongue work their magic on her pussy.  

Remember, I was told no more than 3 orgasms…well I can’t count.  MrsL took a foot and pushed me away from her crotch after 6 more orgasms…in rapid fire.  I knew she enjoyed them but also knew I would probably be in trouble.  I sat there kneeling  at her feet while she recovered enough to sit up.  She grabbed a handful of hair in both hands and pulled my face up to hers.

“You can’t count…can you?”

“Not when I know I am making you happy, Princess”

“Even though they were awesome, I am going to have to figure out how to teach you to count.”

She leaned over and kissed me deeply letting her fingers slide down my neck landing on my nipples and clamped on to them.  Have I told you just how well she has mastered pinching just the right amount of nipple to maximize the pain of the pinch?  Holy Cow!!!  As she pinched, she pulled me to my feet.

“I don’t know what I am going to do to teach you to count but it will be fun, at least for me.  Now, let’s get some sleep.”

She released my nipples and promptly slammed a palm on to each nipple…sending a burst of painful pleasure through my body.  She then wrapped one hand around the base of the Steelheart squeezing gently to smear as much precum on her other hand as possible. She placed the hand covered in my precum in front of my mouth for me to clean then she laid down, covered up, and left me standing there. I walked around and climbed into bed spooning in behind her and we drifted off to sleep.  

This morning she reminded me that she was going to teach me how to count…soon.  I am both excited and worried…stay tuned!

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