Back to everyday life

Life here is finally back to normal.  The in-laws left this morning and both of the boys are back in school. MrsL is at a retirement dinner for someone in her sales team so I had to run the oldest son to school on my lunch break.  When I got home, it was so relaxing to not have to worry about entertaining as well as getting back to everyday life….CFNM.  The house is warm enough that I was able to get in the proper attire, the Steelheart and socks, when I got back.  I sent MrsL a SnapChat in my “uniform” which got me a big smiley and she devil emoji in reply.

While I am quite certain that MrsL still has not told anyone about our chastity lifestyle there were some definite hints and double entendres thrown out to her mother. The most obvious one came Monday night as we were making dinner.  To lay the foundation, I made a very concerted effort as a child to not be ticklish.  I have been able to control my reactions when anyone tried to tickle me.  MrsL has, on occassion, been able to tickle me but it never last long.  Well, one of the major changes with me in chastity is I can no longer control my reactions and am VERY VERY ticklish.  Even the mere thought of her tickling me makes me lose control.  So, I was cutting up some veggies for dinner and MrsL walked up behind me and when I laid the knife down she grabbed my ribs sending me into a laughing fit.  She would let go then move back and just place her fingers just inches off of my ribcage causing more laughing fits.  Her Mom was watching this from the family room and was surprised at just how ticklish I was.  She made the comment that she didn’t know I was ticklish which made MrsL happy.

MrsL: “For 26 years, he hasn’t been ticklish.  I am catching up on all of those years of him not being ticklish.”

MIL: “What changed to make him ticklish?”

MrsL: “I don’t know…but something CLICKED back in February/March time frame and he is now very ticklish.  Sometimes all I have to do is make him think I am going to tickle him to get the same reaction.” (all while playing with the key charm pendant on her necklace.)

MIL: “That’s great.  I really think you two are perfect together.  Now let him get back to cutting veggies..”

Of course, she noticed both the key charm and my lock pendant and asked about them.  I simply told her it was to remind me of a promise I made to MrsL.  I am sure the MIL quizzed MrsL when they were shopping or chatting late at night so I don’t know what, if anything, she told her…and that is okay with me.

As for playtime, the past two nights MrsL has wanted lots of attention when she came to bed and as I was using my tongue to bring her to multiple orgasms she had me on all fours slapping, squeezing, and playing with my swollen balls.  She was even able to take me right to the edge of an orgasm inside the Steelheart slapping my balls…and I must admit it was very difficult to continue to focus on pleasing her while this was happening.

We have a three week’s of everyday life before the traveling for Christmas.  I don’t know what that will bring as far as staying locked, and don’t care, as long as I am with MrsL, my two boys, and family.  

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