Family time

If you follow my Twitter you saw this last night…so apologies for the repeat.  

We have had a great time with the family in town.  I am very fortunate in that I have a great relationship with my in-laws…well all of them except one of MrsL’s sisters…but that can be a post all by itself.  MrsL’s parents arrived Thursday as did the middle sister (the one that drives all of us crazy) in time for a great meal and then she, her Mom, sister, and our oldest son went shopping at 9 p.m. They got in around 2 and were back up shopping by 9 Friday.  A full day of shopping on Friday ended with most everyone crashing early.  The sister in law left yesterday morning and other than a trip to the store for some items for dinner we enjoyed a day of college football.

MrsL’s Dad grew up in a big family and they played cards all of the time, usually canasta, dirty canasta, gin rummy, and bridge.  The favorite games:  dirty canasta and a new game my FIL leanred called golf.  I joined the family and learned these card games and we have taught our boys these games.  Friday night, we broke out the cards.  A couple of games of golf after dinner started the fun.  What I like about sitting around a table playing cards, or any game, is the family interaction.  It is special watching your kids interact with and enjoy spending time with grandparents.  The sister in law was freaking out because she wanted to go back out to a store before it closed Friday night and started calling out the time every 5 minutes to MrsL as we were finishing the last couple of rounds of golf until she politely told her sister: “we are two minutes away from the store and we have one round left…chill!”  That ended the fun for the evening.

Finally last night, we sat down for a game of dirty canasta.  My son and FIL teamed up leaving MrsL and I to team up.  This was my view across the table all night…

My favorite cotton pj’s and the key pendant I bought her recently.  She doesn’t feel comfortable wearing the actual key but willingly and proudly wears this pendant.  Such an awesome view.  Oh, we won the first game of dirty canasta and the my son/FIL won the second game (they destroyed us by going out before we even got to play our 2nd hand).

Great family time is important for us.

Oh, even with her parents here MrsL has still been teasing me every chance she gets.  So, the horniness level is building daily!

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