Normal is awesome

Well, I felt like I had to tell MrsL about my struggles yesterday and while she was understanding she reminded me of one simple thing….she is in control of when or if the penis is touched!  That was all I needed to snap out of the funk I was in for the past couple of days.  As a matter of enforcing that point, last night’s scheduled release for a thorough cleaning and shaving was postponed until we have time for her to supervise…the first time she has invoked that rule.  

Yesterday was a normal day.  Our youngest son came home from college and we started prepping for the upcoming in-law visit.  It culminated last night, after the youngest one went to bed and the oldest one was out with friends at a trivia competition, with MrsL putting her feet in my lap for a foot massage.  After massaging each foot for several minutes she decided she wanted more so she elevated one foot at a time to my mouth for a bit of special attention.  I nibbled, licked, and sucked on her feet for a long time, which was solace to my need for attention from her, before we went up to bed.

She wasn’t finished making her point about being in charge.  After several minutes of kissing, she reached down and firmly gripped the erection trapped behind the Steelheart.  

“See, I haven’t forgotten where it is.  It is mine and you need my permission to touch it, right?”

“Yes, Princess.”

She proceeded to tease me while forcing me to lay across her body.  She used both hands one on her cock and the other alternating between slapping my balls and fingering my ass.  The Steelheart was particularly vicious during this period.  As my breathing became more focused and intense, a precursor for an orgasm, she abruptly stopped and rolled me toward her wonderfully wet pussy.  

“Don’t stop until I tell you to…” 

I didn’t have time to reply as she forced my mouth on her crotch.  She had several orgasms…one of which lasted a long time! It was wonderfully sexy and fulfilling for BOTH of us!  

When she finally motioned me up beside her she asked me if I still wanted to touch her penis.  My answer…“absolutely not, Princess.”  She fell asleep with me laying beside her gently massaging her back. I let myself drift off to sleep only after I knew she was asleep; happy, content, and more in love with my wonderful Wife, Keyholder, and Princess!! 

This morning, all is back to normal.  I am glad I told her about my struggles yesterday.  

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