Cotton PJ’s

As I wrote about last night, I spent all day with MrsL helping at her last vendor sales event for the year.  It was probably one of the best days we have had in a long time.  Playful, energetic, and simply awesome.  There have been many great days in our years together: our wedding day, the day each of our boys were born, every day of our 25th anniversary in Maui a couple of years back, and so on…but yesterday with all of its simplicity was perfect.  Once we got home, we both changed in to something a little more comfortable.

MrsL has many different types of pajamas.  Silky short night gowns with a hemline just below her crotch that drive me crazy, especially when she runs around in one of these and nothing else! Flannel old fashioned night gowns she pairs with fleece socks that leave just enough of her calves visible to taunt me.  Last night, she opted for form fitting cotton pj’s…a separate top with a built in lace bra and long curve hugging pants.  After sporting her boots all day she left her feet bare and made it a point to place them in my lap for a foot massage after keying in her orders for the day.  Since we keep the house cool, I am allowed to wear cotton “lounge wear” until bedtime.  

I went up a few minutes before she did to go through my nightly cleaning regimen for the Steelheart.  As I was walking to the bed MrsL was climbing in to the bed still in her cotton pj’s.  She could see the look on my face:  me naked except for the shiny steel locked in place with her still in her comfy cotton pj’s.  

“We are both very tired, right,” she said.

“Yes, Princess.”  That was the extent of the conversation.

She snuggled in beside me, cotton touching me from chest to ankles, reached down and gently scratched my exposed balls, and drifted off to sleep.  The only skin to skin contact, her cheek on my chest and our feet intertwined.  I lay there lost in the warmth of the bed covers and her cottony touch.  A perfect ending to a perfect day!

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