Quality Time

MrsL has ran her own home based business for over 10 years.  She has had really good years and really lean years.  If I think back to some of the lean years I can tie them to some of the years when I was being selfish and not helping around the house or showing her any real affection.  This year has been a really good year for her and today was the first time I went and helped her at one of her seasonal sales events.

The morning started with an early wake up call that morphed in to MrsL allowing me to “jump start” her day with an orgasm.  Afterwards, she was in a very playfully teasing mood as we were showering and getting ready to leave. It culminated with her sitting on the bed, pointing to her boots, and sticking out each foot for me to but them on her.  Very hot!!

We had a great time all day.  There was plenty of conversation.  Lots of double entendres were thrown around between the two of us throughout the event.  The best part is I got to see MrsL in her element talking to people and selling her great products.  

Afterwards, we went into the neighborhood and looked at our potential future home…maybe… and finally went to dinner.  We are now lounging on the couch watching football relaxing.  Whether or not anything happens tonight is her decision; however, all I know is I have had a day full of quality time with her!!

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