My inner masochist and the dentist

Okay, so there was nothing sexual about the trip to the dentist this morning for my biannual cleaning.  However, as I was laying there in the chair with steel locked on my privates I couldn’t help but think about how much my inner masochist could really enjoy being in a play scenario with MrsL with dental equipment!!

I mean; really, the dental gag that they use to hold your mouth open is awesome.  I didn’t have one used on me today but I have in the past, getting braces on/off, and the feeling of submission just thinking about it is palpable.  I can just imagine being strapped in the dental chair mouth held open and whatever happens would be simply awesome.  

Ironically, MrsL  teased me last night in bed about being tied to the bed with her straddling my face but not letting me pleasure her with my tongue.  I might buy a dental gag for her to use one me…!! 

3 thoughts on “My inner masochist and the dentist

  1. And one added benefit to being locked, is that you could lay back on the dentist’s chair and have those thoughts without having to worry about them seeing any “tent action” that might have been inevitable otherwise! 🙂

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    1. That was indeed the case! There was a moment where the pressure inside the Steelheart caused it to “move” a bit which went unnoticed.

      Of course, the dental tech noticed the lock charm I now wear everywhere and commented on it. I just told her it was for my wonderful wife. Of course, she knows MrsL also and I am sure will ask her about it tomorrow when she goes in for her cleaning…! I will have to make sure MrsL wears her key charm I bought her…!

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