Keep Calm…

I found this on my Twitter feed this morning and thought it was more than fitting:


This really is what my mantra in life has become and if I am being honest should have always been….keep my wonderful Wife (now Keyholder) pleased.  There is no need to rehash the past but you can read it on some of my earlier post.

I know that our early attempts at chastity were my “kink” and all about pleasing me instead of MrsL.  Those attempts always ended up with me feeling even more that our affections for each other were becoming more distant.  Now, 9 months in to my honest sincere need to change I can honestly say it is no longer a “kink” nor enforced (well she does keep the keys).

We have a plaque in our bedroom from a church required “engaged couples retreat” that says “LOVE IS A DECISION” and that is so true.  It was a decision to masturbate all the time that was impacting our love for each other.  It is now being locked and under her absolute control; sexually, that has brought romance, fire, and passion back to our LOVE.

So when in dobut…”Keep Calm and Please MY KEYHOLDER!”

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm…

  1. I missed lurkers day but wanted to drop you a note. I’m really enjoying your blog and you sound very happy. Thanks for sharing your chastity lifestyle with your readers. I don’t see many comments but your blog is one of the most well written blogs I read. I don’t comment often either,but I’m sure you have a faithful following. Thanks again for taking the time to blog.


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