Extended lock up and Off Limits

As I sit here listening to mind numbing conference calls, I thought I would post an update.

Yesterday was intoxicating and puts us yet another step closer to a FLR, I think.

After a great Saturday, I let MrsL sleep in until she woke up on her own.  She came downstairs in her silk pj’s which drive me crazy.  She pulled me up from the sofa and led me back up to the bedroom and stood there waiting for me to undress her and get out of my clothes (we haven’t turned on the furnace so it is a bit cool in the house).  She lay back on the bed and took me by the hair and guided me to her wonderfully wet cunt.  I lapped, nibbled, and sucked on her producing 3 strong orgasms.  After the last one, she had me stand in front of her while she played with her locked cock ultimately instructing me to get one of the clamping hangers we use for time out. After applying the clamps to my still sore nipples the conversation began:

“Tell me, I know you don’t want to know how long I am going to keep you locked up but I want to know how long you think is appropriate since you were out for 3 weeks?” her fingers applying extra pressure to each hanger clamp.

“Please don’t ask me that…”  more pressure on my nipples

“Just because you tell me a date doesn’t mean I will use that date…” she moved her hands to cup my aching balls

“Maybe Christmas…or…” 

“I have a better idea…New Year’s Eve…or maybe our anniversay (in February just before Valentine’s day)…or…St. Patrick’s Day…or…so many options to choose from…” 

I guess I must have put on my best sad puppy dog eyes because I was jolted to attention with a firm grip around my balls.

“You know that I am in full control…you will be locked up until….” her voice trailed off as she relaxed her grip on my balls… “until I think it has been long enough.  I will take your suggestion under advisement but it is my decision. Now get dressed and start the laundry!”

The rest of the day was one of cleanaing, laundry, and lots of football.  Then last night at bedtime she again directed me to her groin and didn’t let me stop until her body pulsed with a fifth long deep orgasm. For me, it was the height of sexual bliss and frustration.  My cock and balls were screaming the entire time for release while my mind and body were drinking in her energy…INTOXICATING!!

As we lay in bed drifting off to sleep she rolled in to me, grabbed the Steelheart, and informed me:

“I am off limits to you for everything except hugs and kisses until further notice.  Any violation will result in 20 lashes…for each offense…I Love You…now get some sleep.”  Within seconds her gentle deep breathing across my chest let me know she was sleeping.  I lay there, straining against the Steelheart again, for several minutes soaking in what she said.  It is going to be an interesting month…!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Extended lock up and Off Limits

  1. Good luck on no inappropriate touching. You wrote before that it was so natural to touch her after so many years fo marriage. It is only natural to caress the person you love. You might just find out it would be worth 20 lashes to feel her body, if only for a second. Is touching her worth the 20 lashes?
    You have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky punk? Well do you? “Harry Callahan”


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