First night locked after 3 weeks

Last night was suprisingly uneventful in more ways than one.  Being back in the Steelheart for one and absolutely no playtime.  

First, MrsL had a sales event yesterday afternoon.  She was gone just about all day and when she finally got home and we finished dinner she fell asleep on the couch.  I let her sleep and simply enjoyed being able to watch her sleep.  Around 11:30 I was ready for bed and gently woke her up and we went off to bed together.  As I was going through my nightime cleaning she undressed and climbed in to bed.  Once finished, I crawled in to bed beside her and gave her a light fingertip massage over her entire body.  She nestled in close to be and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.  She is still sleeping.

As for being back in the Steelheart, there were only 3 night time erections but they were very manageable.  We have yet to turn the heat on and love sleeping in a cold room. Last night, all I had to do was get out from under the covers and let the cold air calm down the erection.  

The comforting embrace of the steel around my cock is a welcome feeling again.  As much as I really enjoyed the last three weeks of freedom I feel much more natural and relaxed today.  

Today is discipline day.  It has been well over a month and MrsL has hinted about the severity of the spanking to get things back on track.  That will be the final step back to normalcy for us! 

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