Crazy  sexy week

MrsL has been extremely horny since I got back.  I am still unlocked and even though she is getting many more orgasms than me she has been gracious enough to allow me 3 orgasms.  Last night, she decided to tease me and had me edge myself inside her.  

She started by sending me upstairs with instructions to blindfold myself and go to closet time out.  I must have been in there 20 minutes before she finally came up and ran her freshly manicured nails up and down my back.  The intense pleasure from the deep scratching was a beautiful counter to the sheer agony in my nipples and calves from being in time out.  She reached around and stroked my throbbing manhood a few times then released the clamps from my nipples. 

After backing me to the bed and instructing me to lie down she curled in beside me and told me if my hands touched her the night would be over…I moaned but complied.  Do you realize how hard it is not to caress her when she is laying right there naked…even though I couldn’t see?  Anyway, she stroked and sucked on my cock edging me several times until I felt the need to cum.  

“Please Princess can I cum…?”  escaped in a deep exhale…

“Only if you want it spoiled…(what she calls ruined)” she giggled.

“No, please.”

“Then don’t cum…” as she increased the rhythm of strokes.

When she finally relented, she swirled up all of the precum on my stomach and placed her wet fingers in my mouth.

“I want you inside me….but you cannot cum…understand?”

I grunted an affirmation as I sucked on her fingers.

She rolled over, spread herself open to me, and guided me inside her wetness.  I nearly lost it right then. As I started a slow methodical cadence in and out of her she pulled me deep inside and held me there, with hands on my ass flexing her vaginal muscles…

“If you cum you will get 20 lashes at a minimum…so you choose…”

She lay back and dared me to continue without cumming.  I took the dare and started pounding her intent on making her cum but knowing what was waiting if I had an orgasm.  But is always the case, I approacherd orgasm before she did and had to pull out of her to avoid cumming.  She laughed as I panted clenching every muscle in my body to stop the flow of cum from leaving my body.  As I was twitching trying to stem the tide she started laughing and asked if I had a problem.  

“No, Princess there is no problem…”

“That is great.  I am going to sleep wonderfully knowing that I did not deny you…you chose to deny yourself.  I am so proud.”  

Wow…that is the craziest sexiest thing she has ever said to me.  I thanked her for controlling my orgasms and for the freedom from the Steelheart and she told me, 

“You are going to be out until you have one more orgasm….” and left me hanging on that 

“until Christmas” I said jokingly…

“well I was going to say Friday night but if you want to wait….”

“It was a joke, Princess…please…”

“Well, you can stay out tonight and I’ll sleep on it…”

“I don’t think I want to know how long I will be locked up…”

“Go to sleep silly boy…” was the last thing she said before snuggling in to me and falling asleep. 

This morning, I woke up before the alarm clock and showered her body with soft kisses to wake her up.  I was rewarded with staying unlocked and allowing to give her 3 orgasms.  

I know my breakaway will end soon and that is okay.  I am starting to feel really naked without the Steelheart.  

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