A Baker’s Dozen 

I will have more time to write later but felt I owed my blog an update on the homecoming last night.

It didn’t start off well as my bag didn’t make it to Charlotte with me.  I am not sure how in the hell other people on the flight from Newcastle to London to Charlotte made the connection and mine did not, especially considering the “PRIORITY” tag that was on it…but it didn’t.  When I finally cleared customs and made my way out to meet MrsL I was overly agitated and did not give her the thank you and welcome home from me she deserved…a long passionate kiss.  More on that later.  In the baggage claim office she had to calm me down as I was on the verge of blasting the lady in the AA baggage office and that could not have been more wrong for me to do.  As I was tapping my fingers on the counter, MrsL placed her hand on mine and started stroking a finger…instantly calming me down.  As of right now, still no scans for my bag so I have no idea where it is or if I will ever get it.  

So, MrsL was stunning wearing her super sexy curve defining jeans and boots.  On the ride home, about 35 miutes, she stroked and sucked on my fingers and ultimately released my throbbing erection from my pants.  It took every ounce of focus to not only not have an orgasm when she reached inside my pants and not drive off the road.  

Once we got pulled in the driveway she continued to stroke me for a few seconds telling me not to cum and stating, “so when are you going to kiss me like you missed me for two weeks”.  We kissed for 3 or 4 minutes in the driveway not really caring who saw.  We then went in and straight to the bedroom. I immediately stripped as she sat on the bed with a foot extended awaiting the removal of her boot.  As each boot and sock came off, I licked up from the heel to the toes and sucked on her toes for a few seconds. I then was allowed to undress her and lay her down on the bed.  I kneeled down beside the bed and lost myself in her scent, the feel of her skin, and her touch rustling through my hair. 

“I really need you to give me an orgasm right now…” was the only invitation I needed.  After 3 of the strongest orgasms she has ever had she told me she wanted to feel me inside her.

As I slid inside her warmth, I said I wasn’t going to last long and she said “don’t worry about it..just enjoy it…” WOW!  I laste longer than I thought and my orgasm was massive with 4 or 5 huge pulses.  

After laying there for a few minutes, I began cleaning her up which caused 5 more orgams in rapid succession the last one found us holding hands with her pulling me in to her so she could grind on my mouth.  She pulled me up on top of her and I caressed her nipples the ran my hands behind her neck. She said she didn’t think shee could have any more while the whole time pushing me back down her body.  She did have two more then.  We sat and chatted about things for a few minutes before my long day started to catch up with me and she ordered me to bed.  She sat up and waited for our son to come  home, 3.5 hours later and came to bed around 1:30 a.m.  I immediately woke up, snuggled in behind her, and my cock sprang to attention. She felt it against her back and said she wanted it inside her.  This time she told me I couldn’t have an orgasm until she said so.  I lasted a few more minutes than I did earlier before she finally said “you can cum” as she squeezed my nipples.  Again, a strong multi pulsing orgasm.  

While licking my cum out of her she had three orgams rounding out the baker’s dozen.  It was at this point she informed me she had taken one of the “magic bullet” shots out of the freezer and she wanted to empty me completely before using it tomorrow.  So, I guess she wants more today.  I don’t know if I will have any more orgasms but don’t care…I know I will be at her beckon call.  

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