Ready to be home

Just got off of a wifi call, I love technology, with MrsL.  In just over 27 hours I will be back at home with my wonderfully awesome, beautiful, cuvacious, and sexy Wife/KH!!!  I can’t wait.  

Even though I suspect that in 27.5 hours I will be securly locked in her Steelheart, which really does excite me oddly enough, I will be so glad to be home.  My own bed! My own pillow! My own little slice of heaven. The food, wine, and cask ales have been great these past two weeks.  Being on this two week “breakaway” from chastity has been great.  However, there comes a time when all you want is the comforts of home.  

Hopefully, there will be no travel issues and the flights will be uneventful.  See you in 36 hours!!

Oh yeah.  The foot bridge outside my hotel was covered in locks.  I have dubbed it Chastity Bridge. 


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