Really missing MrsL

This has been by far the longest period of time I have been apart from MrsL in a long time.  I have had a couple of 10 day trips to China in the past 2 years all of which were prior to our commitment to male chastity.  Suffice it say that if this were then, prior to male chastity, I would be masturbating a couple of times a day.  Even though I am sitting here writing this unlocked; I am glad and very proud of the fact I have not only not masturbated…I haven’t even thought about masturbating.  

That doesn’t mean I don’t miss being with my wonderful Wife/KH!!  😦  

I am not feeling disconnected.  Quite the contrary.  She has made an effort every day to send me cute little emoji filled text, make suggestive comments via text, or even describe in vivid detail how she was going to tease me the night I get home…making the commitment to not masturbate a challenge with a raging unlocked hardon…!  I guess it is just needing her energy, her aura, her presence that I am truly missing.

The good news…?  I go home Saturday!  I can’t wait even though I am quite certain based on her suggestive commentary the past two nights the Steelheart will be waiting for me on my pillow.  I will be back in my happy place!!!

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