Crazy, rude, and obnoxious

Sorry for so many non chastity related post.  But being on the road doens’t leave much to talk about…stay tuned until November 8th for the resumption of normal programming…LOL!

I have been traveling all over the world, well the northern hemisphere, off and on since 1990.  That of course has increased dramatically over the past 4 years with my new job.  I have been on jumbo jets, medium size jets, regional jets, puddle jumpers, and helicopters.  My list of airlines includes most of the majore US carriers, Luhfthansa, East China Airlines, and today British Airways.  I can honestly say the 2 hours, gate to gate, I spent on a BA flight today from Milan to London Heathrow was the most miserable 2 hours I have spent traveling….EVER!

Let’s start with the Milan Linate airport.  All in all, not too bad except for the aging building, leaky AC units, and cranky BA employees.  They do have the “customer flow” down to an art.  You had to pass through all of the high end duty free shops to get to security.  

Now for the flight.  Crazy is an understatement…starting with boarding. You would have thought there was gold on the plane the way people rushed off of the bus to the boarding stairs.  Yes, Linate still has airplanes sitting out on the tarmac and you get bused to the plane…even the big jets.  The pushing, shoving, and rude behavior was simply ascinie.  A 60 something Italian man had been standing in the aisle right beside me taking off his scarf, folding it neatly, then taking off his jacket and folding it neatly all the while holding up the rest of the boarding.  A millenial Brit female finally said excuse me but I am going by you and his reply was mysoginistic.  He basically told her that women need to learn to wait on their men and she and everyone else were not going anywhere until he was done.  Of course, that went over like a lead balloon with several people who promptly sat upon him like a pride of lions on a fresh kill.  It took a flght attendant interfering to calm the savage beast and get everyone in their seats.  I have not heard that level of male chauvinism in a long, long time.  I wanted to punch the guy but the thought of dealing with the Italian polizia kept me calm.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget to talk about the two kids probably 6 and 8 (sister and brother in that order) who started arguing about who was sitting with Mum, who was sitting on the aisle, who was getting to sit by the window…as soon as we got on the bus to the plane.  The little girl must have never been told/instructed to use an “inside voice” because she griped, whined, and complained about everything from her back hurting to her brother wasn’t being nice to her at the top of her lungs for the entire 2 hours.  I think everybody on the plane must have glowered at her/her parents at least once during the flight.  Can you say oblivious?  The parents were both lost in their iPads and clueless!!  Even my Bose noise canceling earbuds on full volume listening to classic rock was not enough to drown out this young Brit.  

Obnoxious is mild for how some of the adults behaved.  The 60 something Italian guy was the tip of iceberg.  Two Japanese women came storming up the back of the plane (they board using both front and rear doors) and promplty removed every bag in the overhead bins to put theirs in…then…left the other bags sitting in the aisle.  Luckily mine was not one of them but they got an earful from the flight attendants and other passengers. One of them had to be told 4 times during taxi to put her tray table up. She was watching It’s A Wonderful Life with subtitles on her iPad and didn’t want to hold the iPad.  This time, I did say something because I only had an hour to clear customs in London and didn’t have time for a bratty attitude.  She doesn’t like me very much but I will never see her again so I don’t care. She left her tray table up until snacks were served.  The guy in the seat behind her was tall and  lanky with his knees touching the seat in front of him.  She tried numerous times to recline her set all the way and had the audacity to turn around and complain to him. I try to never recline and if I do always only do so a little.  Ultimately, she gave up and left her seat up straight.  

There was another seat issue a few rows up.  Some guy was leaning over on his tray table trying to nap.  The lady in front of him tried to recline and met with resistance beccause he was keeping the seat upright.  She turned around, swatted his arm, and launched in to a tirade in Italian.  That one took flght attendant mediation as well. 

There was one  positive…yes…one! As I exited the jetway a BA employee holding an iPad sign for Newcastle greeted me and 6 others.  We had an hour and five minutes to make our connection so we were shepherded through immigration and security.  Nice touch. 

It is days like this that make me want to find a job that doesn’t require travel.  Then the taxi exits a roundabout and I am staring at the majestic cathederal in Durham, UK.  I can’t wait to explore that this week…and…did I mention I was going to Edinburgh tomorrow?  

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