Musings from Milan

I am glad to report that my separation anxiety seems to be subsiding.  I don’t know what to attribute this to but am glad.  It may be the fact that MrsL let me travel unlocked or that she is texting me throughout the day with awesome messages but either way I still feel connected.

So, how is Milan? I spend all day in an office talking to people who have done something that warrants talking to me, very taxing.  I have yet to figure out why a person would think they can violate company policies, that oh by the way are usually illegal in nature, and think they will never be caught. In today’s world where everything creates a digital trail you can’t hide or get rid of anything no matter how hard you try.  Companies back up everything these days.  Then, I get to explore.

First the food and drink.  I get it.  You can find great food everywhere you go these days and that is awesome. However, Italian wine in Italy is awesome.  So many varities of red wine it is shameful…well maybe not…but they have all been awesome.  If I lived in Italy, I would be a very rotund individual eating two/three course meals two times every day.  I have not encountered anything that didn’t qualify for at least a 4 star rating. My only regret is from last night when I thought I was going to be able to have risotto with squid ink…until I ordered and was told they had already ran out of squid ink….disappointed. 😦  

The city of Milan, from what I have seen at night, is as stunning as most major European cities.  The Duomo Cathederal, standing regally in the city center, beckons one to the stories of the medieval times.  The spires topped with stautes of saints are remarkable.  Understanding that all of this work was done without cranes, power tools, and CAD programs gives me pause.  True craftsmen doing legendary work.  Did I mention that the 6 month long World Expo is in its final week this week and there are international travelers everywhere.  I haven’t had a chance to go to the Expo and probably will not before leaving.  From what the locals are telling me, there are crowds in excess of 300,000 people at the Expo daily and I am not a big fan of crowds. 

The taxi drivers….well that is a story for another post.  I will just say  the vast majority speak English, are very engaging, and absolutely hilarious!

Then there is the hotel and surrounding area.  Did I mention the last week of the Expo?  All of the normal corporate hotels are sold out so we are at a 3rd tier hotel that I have never heard of in my travels.  A US comparison would be a Motel 6 with all of the nuance that comes with the hotel.  No real security with exterior corridor doors propped open at night.  Why you ask?  There have been no fewer than 6-10 “working ladies” on the street in front of the hotel.  Luckily, they don’t walk up to the reception area so we haven’t been bothered; however, last night I woke up to someone enjoying one of the hookers.  At first I thought it was the neighboring room because the free t.v. channels in the room include two full on porn channels complete with the bad music and over the top moaning, screaming, and screeching.  The more I woke up from the noise, the more I realized it was actually coming from somewhere outside.  The AC has already been shut down for the season so I am sleeping with the window open.  I didn’t bother to get up to look or close the window…I din’t want to become a target.  You see, every taxi driver has told us this hotel is ran by Albanian mobsters and the workers are with them.  The activities ended about 45 minutes later.  So I have been tired all day. 

I am down to one more night before jetting off to the UK.  I am taking the train to Edinburgh on my one day off, Sunday, and will take some great pictures and have some bangers and mash!  Can’t wait!

Oh, in case you are wondering…even with the porn on the t.v. I have not broken my promise to MrsL.  No touching, fondling, or otherwise handling my unlocked cock. 

Good night for now!

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