Two week breakaway

So, after a great weekend where my wonderful wife pulled off an awesome surprise with her new outfits, I crawled into bed at 12 am for a few hours before I had to get up to pack for my trip. At about 2:30 am I woke up in sheer panic!!

A nightmare of a dream jolted me upright in the bed. I was at the airport in Italy to go to the UK and was being arrested for having my Steelheart in my bag!!! When I realized it was a dream I realized I was still unlocked and had a raging hard on! After calming down I started caressing MrsL and she rolled over and woke up. Knowing I was going to be gone for two weeks, I tested the water and she responded. She got 2 awesome orgasms, one for each outfit, and we went to sleep. 

This morning as I woke her up to drive me to the airport, I told her about the dream and she was quite gracious. “If you are that worried, you don’t have to take it” was all she said with a smile. I am relieved.

The two weeks is a gift but I am sure it will cost me when I get back. I promised her I will be on my best behavior for two weeks and she coyily said “I know you will because I will know if you don’t”. We kissed and headed to the airport. 

Such an awesome wife!

Oh, not the best picture but here is the leather pants she bought herself to go with the boots I bought her!! 


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