Tease and Reward…

Last night MrsL taught me a valuable lesson.  She is now in charge and I am never going to assume anything relating to chastity or orgasms ever again.

Let me pick up with the issue of the football game tonight and potential for having to pass through metal detectors.  My retort about “just wearing a belt” when she had stated I was going to be let out early for my trip because of the thought of a metal detector loomed over me all day long.  I had been back in the Steelheart for a week and was due for a let out cleaning and shaving.  After we got back from dinner, I tried to explain how I was caught up and lost in her voice the previous night and didn’t think about what I was saying.  She was having none of it:

“No, you want to control when you wear it then I am okay with that.  Do you have the right belt picked out to wear.”

I knew better at this point so I simply said yes I have a belt that sets off metal detectors.  I then asked if I could be released for my cleaning. She unlocked me and said “do what you have to do.”

After the shave/shower, I sent her a text telling her I had leanred my lesson and was not going to assume anything….locked or unlocked…?  The answer was quick and succinct:  a lock emoji and the she devil emoji.  I put the Steelheart back on, left the key in the lock, and went downstairs.

As she locked me in she grinned and told me not to forget my belt.  

We watched some recorded shows for awhile, well she did because I fell asleep, then I got up to go to bed around 12:30.  When I stood up, she motioned for me to stand in front of her, took the key, and unlocked the Steelheart.  She laughed as the steel tube popped right off from the growing erection. 

“Was it already like that or did that just happen?”

“It just happened when you grabbed your key.” 

As I walked around heading for upstairs, with the base ring still on, she reached out and grabbed my now fully rigid cock and started gently stroking me.  Needless to say, I was at the edge of an orgasm rapidly after all the teasing the past few days.  She took me to the brink 3 times before pulling me in for a kiss and sending me off to bed. 

When she finally came to bed, I wrapped my arms around her and simply held her as tight as I could.  (NOTE: there had been some drama with our oldest and he didn’t make it home until nearly 3 a.m. and Momma Bear can’t sleep when one of her cubs is not in the den…more on that later) She lay there in my embrace for a few minutes and the next thing I know she is playing with my fingers: stroking, sucking, caressing, etc.  The effect it had on me was simply awesome.  Can anyone say Pavlov?  

My uncaged cock quickly started engorging with blood.  You see, when I am locked up she does this sexy little tease where she plays with my fingers all the while telling me she wishes it were my cock.  Of course at those times, in my mind, the fingers do become phallic.  During those teasings, she tells me to just think about how it would feel if this finger was your cock..getting long and hard for me…and so on.  Needless to say every touch, stroke, nibble on a finger at this point was having the desired impact.  She even commented she wanted to see how long she could keep me hard by playing with my fingers.  Then…her hand slid up and over my arm and she brushed my stiff rod with her hand then started tracing a finger over the freshly shaved pubic area…sending shudders through my body.

She edged me 3 or 4 more times  each time resulting in me thrusting in mid air after she released me when she knew I was close.  Finally I begged her to let me cum.

“Do you really want to have an orgasm in my hand…is that what you really want?  I can certainly do that, if I choose but…”

“No, Princess…if you are giving me an orgasm I want to be buried deep inside  you…”

“Who said you were getting an orgasm?  You can come and make love to me right now…you just can’t have an orgasm.”

I didn’t need to be told twice.  The feeling of her warm soaking wet love box was incredible.  I was slow and methodical pulling completely out anytime I felt like I was too close.  At one point, MrsL reached up and started playing with my still sore nipples and I had to tell her if she did that I would lose control.  Her reply was swift yet subtle,  “nope you can’t lose control” as she resumed running her fingernails up and down my back.  As the rhythm ebbed and flowed she became more and more aroused and was flexing her vaginal muscles with each stroke. I leaned in to give her a kiss and toldd her I didn’t want to be bad (my little was of telling her I am way to close to an orgasm and was going to transition to giving her oral pleasure) and she whispered: “you can be bad…”

It had only been 11 days but that orgasm felt like it had been months! My body shook and pulsed for nearly a minute before I collapsed on top of her both of us  panting  heavily.  

“Now it’s my turn…your reward is I get as many orgasms as it takes to clean me up.”  

All I will say is it takes 5 orgasms to get the center of a MrsL tootsie pop….and she enjoyed each one as I enjoyed my reward.  As we lay in bed looking for sleep, I kissed her and pledged to her I was never going to comment or assume anything about my chastity.  “If you want it on…it is on. If you want it off..it is off. I will no longer make silly comments or try to influence your decision.” was all I said.  She waited for a few minutes before:  

“Off for now…” she said drifting off to sleep. 

I don’t know if she is going to make me put it back on today or take it to wear Saturday or leave me out for my trip.  I do know that she has truly become my Keyholder.  

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