This is going to be a short post because I have a ton of stuff to prep for my two week European trip that starts Sunday  And to make matters more pressing, we are going to be gone all day Friday and Saturday visiting first my sister-in-law on Friday to watch my nephews play football, spend the night there then drive over to my youngest son’s college game on Saturday.  We will not get home until around 1 a.m. Sunday morning and I have to be at the airport at 9:30 a.m.   Fun!!!

So, as you know MrsL. was on a seriously devious teasing kick for the past 36 hours leading in to last night.  In a 24 hour period I don’t think my cock ever really got soft inside the steel…guys know…that “in between full erection and floppy flat.  Or course, it really didn’t matter because it was all locked up anyway.  Oh, and did I mention the near constant drip, drip, drip of precum?

So, we both went to bed early last night…well early for her and normal time for me.  She immediately rolled on to her stomach facing away from me which was a clear indication she was going to sleep.  I moved over, placing my head on her shoulder, and began giving her a gentle touch massage.  Her purring let me know she was awake and enjoying things greatly.  I let my fingers run over the curves of her beautiful ass and trace down her labia…to my surprise she was very wet…a good sign for me…maybe. I alternated between running my fingers from her toes up the inside of her thigh and swirling a finger in the small of her back the tracing it up one rib cage, glancing the soft underside of a breast for several minutes…then…she rolled over.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Giving my Princess a massage.”

“Do you want something else?” with her cute little evil giggle…

“Yes, Princess…I want to make your body pulse with orgasms, please…”

“You can use your hand…for now…” and she relaxed and took my hand and placed it on her wet pussy. I was in heaven (getting hard inside the Steelheart just typing it)!

I took two fingers and slid them down either side of her clit which caused a long soulful moan.  She arched in to my hand and told me to stop moving…then she started thrusting in to my fingers.  She did this for a few minutes moaning, purring, and breathing deeply then turned her head and whispered in my ear:

“Two…no more than two. If you lick me once after the second one you will not have an orgasm yourself until Christmas…understand.  Make them memorable…”

Let’s just say building her to those two orgasms was a long glorious event with the second one being even more powerful than the first.  Usually, two through five for her diminish just a bit…then once we get to 6 and beyond in the same session they come quicker and stronger with each one.  Not last night!

I basked in her pleasure of the second orgasm for several minutes as her clit pulsed in my mouth being careful not to let my tongue get me in trouble.  When her body relaxed I slithered up to lay on her chest and asked….”do I really have to stop?”  She sighed…

“Yes, when you get in perfect you leave it alone…” and pulled me up on the bed for a long deep passionate kiss.  When I asked why she told me to make them memorable she just laughed and said…

“You are going to be gone for two weeks…I will remember…will you…” and rolled over wrapping an arm over her side.

Before she fell asleep she reiterated just how much she had learned over the past two days. How much she enjoyed all of the extra attention she was getting from me. How she realizes that teasing and denying me makes her feel powerful and sexy. How she realizes just how much control she has over me the longer she denies me.

I guess you could say I was lost in her words….they were like a drug…and she is the only drug I need or want!   I was so consumed by the sultriness of her voice that I didn’t hear her say I was going to be unlocked early for my trip..or I did hear it and my brain didn’t fully engage.  Somewhere in telling me how much she now enjoys the tease she threw in the possibility of having to go through metal detectors at the high school football game. Silly, drunk on her voice me, must have said something to the effect of “it’s okay I will just wear a belt…”  because she rolled back over with a huge smile and said

“Okay, if that is what you want to do…”

“Wait…what are you talking about…”

“I just told you I was going to let you out early for your trip to Europe because (insert sister’s name here) told me the school we were going to for (insert nephew’s name here) game is in a rough part of town and the coaches have told the players to tell their families to expect metal detectors at the game.  You replied that you would just wear a belt to explain the activation…so you won’t get out until Sunday…”  (EDITORS NOTE:  we have agreed that I don’t have to wear the silicone for the flight.  I am going to carry the Steelheart with me through the airport and put it on when I get to my first destination.  The flight is nearly 10 hours…then I will take it off before flying to the second stop….repeat…)

“Wait…I said what?”

“Go to sleep…we will discuss it more tomorrow.”

Thus a wonderful night ended with me being so intoxicated on her that I committed to doing something a bit risky!”  Go figure!!  I LOVE MY PRINCESS!!

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    1. Thanks.

      I love writing! I have dabbled with a fantasy fiction novel for years…but am too afraid to send it off for review. Maybe I will try one or two chapters on Amazon for Kindle to see if there is any interest.


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