Maybe she isn’t teasing…

If you are reading this post first without reading yesterday afternoon’s post, you might want start here.

I was completely convinced based on MrsL’s actions yesterday afternoon and while we were at the mall that she was teasing me, just a little, when she would not let me  pull her in to bed and allow me to give her orgasms after she finished her Evil Queen lunch session.  I mean she still let me give her hugs that included running my hands all over her body: breast, ass, neck (all of the normally “off limits” areas), she and I walked through the mall with a hand on the other’s ass (yes a bit risque for us but it was wonderfully fun), and she even let me caress her naked body when she came to bed.


After some hot kissing and petting she ordered me to straddle her on all fours.  She began teasing me by running her fingers up and down my rib cage gently glancing the Steelheart with each pass all the while commenting on “I know you really want me to touch your balls..don’t you….?”, I started to whimper like a little puppy.  The first time I asked if I could please give her an orgasm she must have thought I was asking for one, or so I thought….

“Please Princess, may I give you orgasms tonight…”

“No, you are not getting an orgasm!”

“No, Princess I want to give you several orgasms tonight…please…!”

“No…I may even make you wait,” long I mean way too damn long pregnant pause, “until you get back from Europe. You know what they say absence makes the heart grow fonder…or is it…you really want what you can’t have…”

Even in the dark I could see the huge smile come across her face.  No matter how much I begged, pleaded, or whimpered  the answer continued to be NO.  I even tried to rationalize with her that the point of orgasm control was for her to have as many as she wanted whenever she wanted with her controlling when/if I had an orgasm.

“Don’t you think I know that, silly boy…?” she replied after I brought up the whole orgasm denial thing.

She pushed me over on my back, rolled over on top of me, and began gently scratching the inside of my thighs again.  Each pass through my groin area, she let the back of her hand glance my now aching ball sack.

“I bet you want me to touch my Steelheart, don’t you…”  but when I started to answer she simply said “SSHH!”

At this point, I was a bundle of raw energy looking for a place to burst and she could sense as much.

“We truly do always want the thing we can’t have the most.” she said as she nibbled on my lips.  “It is time to get some sleep and maybe you will dream about feeling my body pulse inside your mouth.  You may get lucky (again pregnant pause) tomorrow…Thursday…or maybe not until November 7th.  Good night.”

She turned over pulling an arm over her side and snuggled back in to me.  I lay there mind racing and my cock straining to force off its steel prison.  I nuzzled the back of her neck with a gentle kiss, took the arm she had pulled over her side, and began giving her a fingertip massage..the kind I know always puts her in the mood for an orgasm.  She let me run my fingers all over her body, even allowing me to caress the hood of her clit, her ass cheeks, breasts and nipples all the while purring (which drives me mad).  After a few minutes of this attention:

“You can either stop and snuggle back in with me now or I will definitely make you wait until you get back…”

Needless to say, I wrapped an arm around her without touching any of her erotic areas and listened as she fell asleep.

I don’t mind me not having orgasms.  However, if she has truly figured out that denying me the glory of giving her orgasms…we have truly reached a new level.  I like it…I think…because I can’t stop thinking about her!!!  We shall see.  I want to be the best chaste hubby I can be…whatever that means!!

Stay tuned.

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