Mastering the tease

I am really not sure when it officially happened and I surely didn’t see it coming.  The whole point of male chastity, enforced male chastity, is having your KH keep you sexually charged as long as possible.  We have been on the enforced chastity journey since February all the while MrsL has been learning how to really tease me, how to not feel guilty about getting as many orgasms as she wants, and to truly enjoy getting me so completely amped up that all I can do is think about her nonstop!  Over the past 36 hours, she has definitely crossed in to full KH mode.

Her use of my body for her enjoyment yesterday was brilliant (if you can refer to being abused, teased, and denied brilliant) and massively sexy.   Continuing that teasing through to bedtime last night was energizing.  Today, she really cranked up the erotic teasing to the point of being “horngry”as Steeled Snake recently wrote about.

Every time I went downstairs today; for lunch, to get more water, etc. I would stop at MrsL’s chair and massage her shoulders, run my fingers through her hair, kiss her neck, or lean in and kiss her deeply.  And, every time she would take full advantage and start playing with my balls or stroking the erection behind the base ring, or reach under my shirt and tweak my still aching nipples from yesterday’s play.  She would tease me for what seemed like an eternity each time but was only 3-5 minutes.  The longest teasing session came on my way back up to my office after lunch.  She was taking a break in her recliner so I went behind her and reached down under sher shirt to caress her breast.  She pulled me down and started kissing me and took my hand and placed it on her crotch…letting my hand slip inside her jeans for only a few seconds.  She pulled my hand out of her jeans, tooke my other hand out of her shirt, and placed them on the top of the recliner: “don’t move them until I say you can!” was her instructions as she fully reclined so she was laying back looking at my crotch.  She pulled my sweats down and took my balls in her hands.  She massaged, squeezed, leaned up and licked/nibbled on them all the looking at me with sultry I want you eyes.  Shen closed her eyes and started breathing deeply  her ball play got a bit more intense.  I heard the recliner moving and caught my eyes drifting toward her crotch…only to find she was grinding her hips in the air…driving me wild.  What an incredibly hot and sexy scene!

After a few seconds of this, I heard: “look at me…” so I forced my eyes to hers.

“Are you having fun?” she asked.

“Yes, Princess.”

“I never really knew until just now how much I enjoy teasing and denying you.  I love the extra attention.”

I was speechless.  In my mind, I have wanted to hear her say something like that all year. Today she said it…”she enjoys teasing and denying me…!”   Very much in my happy place.

3 thoughts on “Mastering the tease

  1. Thanks to both of you. I can honestly say that I was hard inside my Steelheart for most of the day. In between my visits downstairs the effect she had on me kept me in that “in between” stage for us guys…not fully erect (not that I could anyway inside steel) but not completely soft. It was powerful. She reiterated last night how much she truly enjoys the extra attention knowing that she can make me stop anytime. Oh, teaser alert…she allowed me to give her two, very specifically two, orgasms last night in bed and threatened me with a Christmas time lock up if I even thought about going past 2. Normally she lets me give her many, many more. A post soon to follow.


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