The inner geek comes out

Sorry but this is not a post about anything to do with chastity, the Steelheart, or being teased by MrsL until I think my balls are going to explode…so if that is what you want…come back later.  MrsL informed me as she left to take our son to class that the Evil Queen was coming home for lunch…so stay tuned.  This is all about my inner geek!

Did you see the Star Wars trailer last night?  OMG.  I have watched the trailer on YouTube 20 times already!  

Okay, full disclosure.  I am a huge Trekkie because when I got to college in the mid 80’s and discovered cable (I grew up so far out in the country that we didn’t get the Grand Ole Opry until Monday…if you don’t know what the Opry is google it) and the original Star Trek.  Then in 1987, Star Trek TNG came on and I was comletely hooked. I have seen every episode of the original and TNG too many times to count.  I have seen every movie 4 or 5 times.      

HOWEVER, Star Wars was my childhood!  Hans Solo was my hero and there he is back in the Millennium Falcon!  I was not a fan of the prequels. Don’t get me wrong…they were good…but episodes 4, 5, and 6 are the gold standard for the science fiction movie genre.    

I very seldom go to a movie premier on the night it opens.  I didn’t even do that for the Lord of the Rings movies.  You better believe I will be at the theater on December 18th when The Force Awakens!!!

4 thoughts on “The inner geek comes out

  1. Totally understand the nerding out. We must be pretty close to the same age. Every Sunday night my freshman year of college, we sat in a dorm room and watched TNG! I feel the exact same about Star Wars. It is my childhood. 🙂 The trailer was amazing! Can’t wait to see it.

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  2. Man, I totally geeked out at the trailer. My utter disdain for most human beings will prevent me from dealing with the crowds on opening weekend, but I’m absolutely seeing that movie before this year ends!

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  3. I don’t mind big crowds, for the most part, but know this will be a lively bunch of people. I may actually give it a couple of days but will definitely see it before the end of the year. To make the inner geek week complete, after 18 months of suffering through a poor decision to switch from an iPhone to a Samsung Android phone I finally got my iPhone 6s Plus this week!!! I am totally geeked out with it!! Next up….the Apple Watch!


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