The Evil Queen….

Cue the dark, foreboding, yet erotically sexy music….

So, as promised MrsL texted me after she dropped our son at college telling me to block out 90 minutes for lunch. I let her know I had blocked out 11:30 to 1:o0 and got back her little she devil emoji…which put a grin on my face.  When I heard her come in, I sent her a SnapChat of me happily working at my desk sans clothes. Again the she devil emoji!

At 11:30 on the dot, I got a text message ordering me in to the closet on the highest rack (I am on my tip toes just to get there so it leaves no room to relax).  I had the clamping clothes hanger on my nipples and was hanging by my nipples and tiptoes in no time!  She let me stay there for 5 or 6 minutes as she got out her toybox and prepared the room.  She came in the closet, blindfolded me, and warmed up my back and ass with her riding crop.  The agony in the nipples was magnified with each swat.

After releasing each nipple she told me to back my way to the bed and lay down spread eagle…her favorite  position.  She asked if I was “clean” and I had to tell her no because I didn’t want to assume what she wanted and did not use an enema.  Her reply, “that is a good boy…” which made my heart swell with pride.  She continued…”I will probably have you clean yourself out later today for more fun tonight” as she pulled each arm taut to the bed.  Interestingly enough, she left my legs unsecured and I found out why soon enough.  

 She started with tickling me to the point I had to use the safeword to catch my breath.  She has 26 years of tickling to catch up on because I used my Jedi mind tricks (had to get in a Star Wars reference) to not be ticklish all these years…now not so much.  When she had her feel of tickling using fingers, paint brushes, and cheap cheesy plastic pom-poms from a college football game; I heard her opening drawers on the toybox. This is her favorite drawer… 
Remember, she still hasn’t secured my feet…!  Well, today she chose the small clamps and some rope to secure my feet.  Yep, you guessed it.  My already sore nipples became anchors using the little blue clamps.  Each nipple received a clamp, she placed my feet flat on the bed, and then secured my ankles to each clamp with rope.  If I moved at all I got a reminder of just how secure the clamps are once applied.  

She pulled out the vibrator and nestled it against my exposed hole and turned it on…slow to start…then increased the intensity every few minutes.  All the while she was gently massaging my balls commenting on how she loved the deep shade of purple they were at the time.  Occasionally, she would giggle and let an elbow hit an ankle causing a rather intense tug on the corresponding nipple.  As precum oozed from the Steelheart she would wipe it off the tip and insert the finger in my mouth.  She kept this up for a long while.

If a guy can have an orgasm without ejaculating I had 2 or 3 during this time.  I mean I had that euphoric feeling course through my body but never once did anything, other than leaky precum, leave my trapped cock.  It was abso-fucking-lutely incredible.  

When she was done she lay there untying one ankle at a time. She gets GREAT pleasure taking these clamps off  because of my reaction and took the right one off almost immediatel, rolling the nipple between her fingers sending me into full on screams of painful pleasure.

“I am going to let you think about what is going to happen next…when I t ake the other one off.  You know I can’t help myself,” laughing as she said it.  I knew…and no amount of preparation or telling myself helps.  She left the clamp on the left nipple for a few more minutes while she played with my aching balls.  When she sensed I was completly distracted by her toying with my balls she slid a hand up and without warning took off the left clamp…sending me over the moon.  Oh yeah, she rolled this nipple  between her fingers as well to “help get it back in shape”  elliciting some quite foul language on my part and full on belly laughs from MrsL.

After composing herself, she unlatched my right hand causing me to groan knowing playtime was almost over.  She traced a finger down my right leg and then back up my left leg before unlatching my left hand and removing the blindfold. 

“You have 5 minutes of your lunch break left.” 

I sat up and reached out to pull her toward the bed only to be greeted with her swatting my hands away. 

“Off limits until later…maybe even until you get back from Europe.” With that, she turned and walked out of the room leaving me naked and stunned….wanting more and truly wondering if she was truly not going to let me please her until I get back from my trip!  After cleaning up and putting the toybox away I went downstairs to let her know how incredibly awesome she is and how much I enjoyed the Evil Queen.  She smiled and told me to get back to work. 

“You aren’t really off limits to me, are you Princess?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I figured it will make you want me more.  Now get back to work.”

Wow!  Stay tuned. 

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