A new experience

Yesterday, MrsL and I were apart for most of the day.  I drove 6 hours round trip to watch my son’s college marching band perform for 11:30 in exhibition after hosting an all day high school marching band competition (isn’t it crazy what we do for our kids???).  MrsL had to stick around the house because she had booked a sales show for last night earlier in the year before his schedule came out…thus apart most of the day.  Unfortunately, her show cancelled at the last minute due to a family medical emergency so she was at home alone when I got back around 9 p.m. I was exhausted and my face/neck (exposed skin) were sun burnt on one side as I forgot to take any sun screen with me and it was a beautiful, cloudless, cool fall day in the mountains.  The sun passes right over the stadium. So for nearly 4.5 hours (yes I got there to watch many of the high school bands as well as I am a musician and marched through high school/college myself and still enjoy the activity) I sat with a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a jacket on but didn’t think about my face/neck.  It is a bit sore this morning.  After some brief conversation, I promptly dozed off on the couch.

Several minutes later, I felt a warm caress on my arm and rustled about to MrsL encouraging me to go on up to bed. She said something about “wearing me out later…or tomorrow…” I didn’t really understand from my sheer exhaustion so I crawled in to bed and was out.

I woke up later to MrsL fondling the Steelheart creating quite a welcome wake up notice.  She continued letting her fingers, hand, and feet explore my body causing quite the wonderfully agonizing sensation of a trapped erection.  This is where the new experience comes in to play.

Back when I was still in the Bon4 silicone she got great pleasure in knowing I could feel everything she did to my trapped cock.  She would put the vibrator on it and edge me numerous times. She would actually squeeze stroke my swollen cock inside the silicone, all the while knowing the dichotomy I was experiencing.   Once the Steelheart arrived, and that is exactly why she wanted a fully enclosed tube, there was no sensation when she played with the tube…none.  She has even inserted the tube inside her pussy and ridden it to an orgasm and I knew it was happening but could only feel the pressure of her wonderful body on my balls.  That changed…at least for awhile…last night.

I was writhing like a madman as she ran her fingernails all over my chest and pubic area, giving her great pleasure, and then she took her full palm and ran it down the tube AND I FELT IT!  I let out a huge moan and arched out of the bed.  She knew immediately what had happened and giggled with excitement, “that is new…” she said and began a slow methodical full palm massage of the tube with my trapped erection inside.  She then made matters more challenging by sitting up, grabbing the raging hard on that is forced back in to my body with her other hand and tapped her fingers along the length then cascading right into the full palm massage of the tube.  In no time, I got that tingling in the base of my balls letting me know a release was building…so I informed MrsL she was getting in to the danger zone.  She sighed and  kept up her two handed torture for a couple of more seconds then stopped to enjoy watching and commenting on just how many times the Steelheart bounced from my cock straining for relief!  If I sat here and said I wasn’t maddeningly but happily frustrated I would be lying.  I wanted to cum but was so glad she stopped.

I rolled over to give her a kiss.  We kissed and caressed each other for several minutes before she placed a hand on each shoulder and pushed me down her body.  I kissed and nibble all the way down to her wet love box and gave her 6 orgasms before being pulled back up on the bed.  We even had a few new leg positions for her in the mix as well…the best of them her achieving an orgasm with her legs wrapped around my head.  Up until last night she has never been able to relax enough in that position to let the orgasm flow through her body…last night…not so much.

As we lay there, she said her intention was to make me happy when she came to bed but somehow she had got the better end of the deal…and I quickly yet politely informed her that I could not be more happy with how the evening unfolded.  She still feels a tinge of “guilt” at times when denying me and that came through a bit last night.  I held her tight and in between kisses told her

“I cherish every orgasm you allow me to have and still crave them but I get as much, if not more, sexual satisfaction from feeling her body pulse in my mouth time after time after time.  For me, it is as powerful as an orgasm.  Please don’t ever feel guilty about me treating you like the Princess you are.”

Even though she has really developed in to a great keyholder and is teasing me constantly, she still struggles with thoughts of me not being happy if I don’t have an orgasm.  Slowly but surely she will grow out of that guilt…I hope!

As we lay there, I asked if the “evil” Princess could make an appearance before I left for Europe in a week as my inner masochist is screaming to get out. She laughed and assured me she would release her evil twin sometime this week.

We lay there, bodies intertwined, and fell asleep.

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