Teasing is her specialty

For someone who never really thought about being a tease, even before when we tried chastity, MrsL has certainly tapped in to her sexy, feminine, and distinctly erotic inner self in the past 3 months. 

Since getting up yesterday morning after I woke her up with a gentle massage that led to her getting 4 orgasms, she has taken every opportunity to make her Steelheart earns its keep.  I can’t remember a 24 hours period where I was more amped up and sexually frustrated then the past 24.  

She has plied her sexiness in many different ways: nipple tweaks, sitting down beside me while on a call and running a freshly manicured finger up the inside of my thigh, sending me pictures of her feet while getting her pedicure, and so on.  She even found time while working last night to send me the following text: “I want a big O tonight…you don’t get one..haha”.  

Of course, she got what she wanted when she got home and promptly rolled over and went to sleep…!  So awesome.  I was left with a raging trapped  hard on that ultimately required a cold wash cloth to temper back down.  This morning, she needed to get up early to go deliver some product so when the alarm went off I rolled over and started caressing her beautiful bare ass.  She woke up and pulled me in for a long wet kiss.  “Get on all fours,” she said.  

She reached down and wrapped her hand around my trapped erection behind the base ring and started tapping her fingers.  That led to stroking, of course there is not much room, so the strokes are quite compact.  As I attempted to move my mouth toward a perky nipple she quickly informed me they were off limits.  I then tried to adjust to put my mouth to work on her clit…again…”off limits.”  She simply wanted me to look her eye to eye and would smile every time I moaned or wiggled or had to close my eyes to concentrate.  When she realized I was beginning to get close she pulled me down for another kiss, rolled out of bed, wiggled her ass in my face, and informed me she had work to do.  “Think about me while I am out running errands. I should be home in time to have you for lunch.  I need my product loaded in my car.”  

I absolutely love that she has figured out how to use her sexual prowess.  I would have loaded her car, even without the morning tease without being asked; however, I did so happy and completely horny.  

Teasing at its best!

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