Normal and balanced

I got home this morning around 9:30 and MrsL was still asleep.  Our son is on fall break so she didn’t need to take hime to class.  I had a call at 10 so I didn’t have time to wake her up properly or get back in her Steelheart (the irritation and swelling in my scrotum has calmed down again).  

After the call, I went and locked myself in her Steelheart.  I walked out to the bed and started gently massaging MrsL’s feet sticking out from under the covers.  She rustled and let out a little moan.  I continued massaging up her legs finally letting my fingers brush over the crotch of her  pj’s.  More rustling…more moaning…!  I leaned up and placed a gentle kiss on her pajama covered vagina which elicited a long soulful moan.  She reached out, took my hands, and placed them on the top of her pj bottoms.  In one swift motion I pulled them off and placed another gentle kiss, this time on the hood of her clitoris, on her wonderful body.  

30 minutes and 4 orgasms later she took a foot and pushed me away…

“That was awesome now get back to work…” was all she said.  I was engulfed with her energy and presence at that point.  As she stood up her hand wandered down to my crotch.  When her fingers hit steel she looked me in the eye, smiled, and walked away.

I definitely no longer feel flat.  I feel normal and balanced.  I have 10 days to soak up enough of her to sustain me for a 14 day trip to Europe…I don’t know how that is going to work…but it will.

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