Guys and public urinals

So, Sunday night MrsL, my youngest, and I went to the local theme park for the haunted fun they have each year.  Me going falls in to the category of “being silly” I wrote about a few weeks back because I consider myself too “grown up” to have fun.  What a big mistake I have been making for too long.  I had a great time.  But I digress.

After getting in to the park I had to pee so I headed for the first available men’s room after the entrance.  This has happened to me several times, beginning in college, and I am always amazed at my reaction.  So let me set the scene: me unlocked with an 8ga curved barbell in my PA, 1 open urinal, no dividers between the urinals, and a really hot 30-something guy using, or so I thought, the urinal to my left.  I walk up to my urinal, pull out, adjust the curved barbell to ensure no issues, and hear from my left “awesome.”  I assume, rightly so, that my urinal neighbor was looking at my crotch.  This is where my reaction comes in and I can’t figure it out.  Well, maybe I can because I really love looking at hot guys, since finding Tumblr I spend as much time on “guy on guy” sites as chastity sites, love pointing out hot guys to MrsL…. and …

After the “awesome” comment as I am relieving myself, I find myself looking discreetly to my left and down at the guys rod.  I guess it wasn’t so discreet as he began stroking his cock working toward a full on erection.  Remember, we are in a full theme park and oh yeah…my son had gone in to one of the stalls…so I am not sure what this guy wanted.   I finished peeing, gave a couple of shakes, and put my rapidly growing cock back in my pants.  He grunted and followed me to the sink.  My son had thankfully finished and had left the restroom.  Dude cleared his throat as I turned to walk out.  I looked in the floor to ceiling mirror near the door to see him standing there looking at me.  As I said, he was HOT and now had a huge bulge in his pants.  I smiled and walked out of the restroom…ironically…he did not follow.  This sort of thing has happened to me a few times…is it just me? As we were waiting for my son to ride the newest roller coaster, I told MrsL about the encounter.  We laughed it off and didn’t discuss it further. 

It would bu a huge understatement to say that one of my hottest fantasies is being “forced” to give a hot guy a blow job.  Full disclosure, I had sex with a guy (mutual blow jobs)  when I was a freshman in college and kind of enjoyed it.  In the back of my mind I have always wanted to try it again.  

Recently MrsL asked me if I thought I was sucking on “my cock” as I was sucking on her fingers.  I sheepishly said yes…and so wanted to say…”no I am thinking about you bringing home a hot guy and making me suck his cock…” but I didn’t.  

Will that ever happen?  Probably not as I believe it would truly devastate MrsL.  So, it remains a fantasy and I am okay with it remaining that way….I think?

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