Traveling and dependence

Sitting here in a hotel room in a small rural Pennsylvania town wishing I were at home and that I wasn’t having the irritation and swelling issue.  No, I have no desire to play with, fondle, or otherwise touch my unlocked penis.  It is this unnerving feeling of being away from MrsL.   

I have read many great blog post about developing a “dependence” on being near their spouse/KH by guys who have been at this much longer than MrsL and me.  It seems I have found that dependence issue is real.  I haven’t had to travel in nearly a month and could touch, hug, and feel MrsL’s energy at any time.  We have already had a FaceTime conversation and she is texting me about being naked and tied to the bed with her running her fingers all over my taut body.  It is helping…but not the same! 

How does one develop a dependence like this? I can still function and do my job so it is not something that is going to impact my job but I feel flat.  This morning, she got up with me and even made it a point to give me a nice little teasing send off.  She was still laying in bed naked as I got dressed.  After I was dressed, she motioned me to the bed, undid my belt, and sucked on my rapidly growing shaft until I she was satisfied.  I was buzzing, for lack of a better word, for several seconds after she hopped out of bed leaving me on the edge of cumming. That feeling lasted until I got to the airport.  

All I know is I can’t wait to get back Thursday morning!  That two week trip to Europe is lurking in the back of my mind. 😦

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